High school switches to voucher-based physicals

Athletic director urges students to get check-ups soon


To ensure athletes at Moffat County High School are getting the check-ups they need the school will change the way physicals are conducted this year.

In years past more than 200 student athletes would squeeze into the high school gym for two days in August where local doctors would have stations set up to check certain areas required of a physical.

Many of the doctors and those in the high school athletic department felt the assembly-line physicals didn't give the athletes the attention they needed, so the system has been changed.

"We felt that crowding all the kids into two nights wasn't giving them the attention they needed," athletic director Jim Loughran said. "Now we've got a way so each kid gets individual attention."

The high school in conjunction with the local medical community will offer vouchers for physicals that will be valid through July. The vouchers, which cost $15, are purchased at Craig Middle School or Moffat County High School and taken to a local physician for the physical.

"It does put more responsibility on the parents and does cost $5 more," Loughran said. "But it also means their kids will be getting a more complete physical."

Loughran does warn that time is of the essence in receiving a physical because as he said, "The doctors won't be able to do 600 physicals in July."

He urges parents and student athletes to get the physicals done as soon as possible.

The cost of the physicals will go directly back into the high school's athletic department. The doctors will do the work pro bono.

"It's a big deal that these doctors have decided to donate their time," Loughran said. "Because they could have easily asked to be paid."

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