Above average

Latest CSAP scores a mixed bag of results


Some 75 percent of Moffat County third graders scored either proficient or advanced on the reading portion of the Colorado Student Assessment Program test (CSAP).

The percentage of students scoring proficient or advanced in Moffat County was slightly higher than the Colorado average, which was 72 percent. However, the school district lost ground from last year when 80 percent of students district wide scored proficient or advanced.

Students are rated on a scale of:


Partially proficient.



Guy Gladden, principal of East Elementary School where 79 percent of students scored in either the proficient or advanced category, said he his pleased with his students' performance.

"We're pretty darn proud of ourselves here," he said. "The reason we're happy is we've really been focused on reading."

Despite the increased focus on reading, Gladden said schools never know what to expect come test time.

"We thought we were doing the right thing but you never know how it's going to turn out when the students take the test," he said. "This says to me we're doing what we need to do."

Phil Thomas, principal at Ridgeview Elementary School, where 81 percent of students scored in the proficient and advanced range, said he was also pleased.

"Eighty one percent proficiency is pretty good," he said. "I would like it to be 100 percent but I don't know of any schools in Colorado that are 100 percent. If we keep getting 80 percent or above I'll be happy."

At Sunset Elementary School 69 percent of students recorded either proficient or advanced scores, which is down from 77 percent last year.

"I'm a little disappointed we dropped from where we were last year," Sunset Elementary School Principal Jim Rugh said. "But I'm encouraged because we had more advanced students than in the past."

Rugh is also director of elementary education in Moffat County.

Rugh said the third grade reading scores have increased significantly since the tests were first given in 1998.

"We're keeping up," he said. "Since CSAPs began we've been seeing small, continual growth."

In the first year of testing about 65 percent of students scored in the proficient and advanced range, while 75 percent were in that range this year.

District wide, 11 percent of students scored advanced, 64 percent of students were proficient, 16 percent of students were partially proficient and 5 percent were unsatisfactory.

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