Look at bigger picture of what students are learning in school


To the Editor:

It seems to be a popular trend to criticize the poor education that our children are receiving in the public school system. This was again demonstrated in a recent letter to the editor in the April 22 Craig Daily Press. The article was titled: "School should change focus of education."

The point was made that educators are attempting to create "good little members of the Sierra Club" instead of teaching the fundamentals of math, English and sciences. As I was reading this article, it occurred to me that these students were using the basics of English to complete the essay assignment. Did the reader notice the correct sentence structure, proper punctuation and appropriate grammar usage? These are the fundamentals of English, and this is what was being taught via this assignment.

Typically, current events are used in an attempt to encourage children's writing activities. As we all know, April 22 was Earth Day and one of the themes of Earth Day is conservation of fossil fuels/minerals/natural resources as they are finite.

The industrial world uses an inordinate percentage of the planet's resources in comparison to its population. This is a fact. Conservation of resources as well as proper usage of the English language are skills of need for future generations.

Is it possible that the culmination of ideas in this activity will lead to a diversified education for our youth?

Beth and Chris Dralle


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