Partners continues raising funds for programs


Moffat County Partners has an egg-ceptional program one that needs support from the community to continue.

For the third year, Moffat County Partners a youth monitoring program is selling paper eggs as a fund-raiser for programs that provide activities for at-risk youth.

The paper eggs sell for $1 apiece. Last year, Taco Bell sold the most eggs, earning $214 for Partners.

This year, a challenge has been issued by two other Craig businesses to end Taco Bell's rule.

"We are going to take that plaque away from Taco Bell this year," said Samantha Johnston, Craig Daily Press general manager.

But Craig Daily Press, which has collected $40 in egg sales, is being overrun by the second challenger Jackson's Office Supply, which has collected $150.

Both are lagging behind the reigning champion, Taco Bell, which has collected $205.

Debbie Landoll, director of Moffat County Partners, said Taco Bell and Jackson's Office Supply have been exchanging challenges all week

"What we want to know is where did the Craig Daily Press go?" Landoll asked.

Last year, the combination of egg sales and general donation raised $1,045 for Partners.

This year, the organization's goal is to raise $1 per person in Moffat County.

Based on 200 census figures, Moffat County has 13,184 people.

All of the money stays in Moffat County to fund Partners programs and activities.

"We provide alternative activities for youth," case manager Robin McKenzie said, "a place where they can learn life skills and interact with positive role models in a safe environment."

Many local businesses choose to donate a dollar amount instead of sell eggs, McKenzie said.

"Dr. Ilko donated $200 to the campaign," McKenzie said.

Residents have until March 31 to purchase an egg.

Eggs are available at several local businesses and are posted within those businesses in recognition of the purchasers.

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