Lady 'Dog golfers lagging from lack of practice


Two rounds of golf has told coach Tom Dockstader something winter has taken its toll on the Lady 'Dogs.

An unpolished short game placed the Moffat County High School girls golf team in fourth place at the Grand Junction Invitational, played Monday at Bookcliff Golf Course, and in eighth place at the Fruita Invitational, played at Tiara Rado GC.

The top swinger on both days was senior Lindsey Scott, who fought through a troubling back to shoot 92 and 90, respectively.

Hot on her heels was senior Laura Duran, who swung a 100 at Bookcliff and followed it with a 105 at Tiara Rado.

The Lady 'Dogs long game is what kept them in the running at the two invitationals. But the team was rough around the green.

"For the first time out on the course competitively I'm happy with what we did," Dockstader said. "There's no major problems with how the girls are playing, it's just our game around the green is rusty because we haven't been able to practice our chipping and putting."

While the season has started with those two matches, the team is already facing a long break with spring break starting at the end of this week. The hiatus will leave the girls without a match for nearly 20 days. Their next date on the greens is scheduled for April 1 at the Glenwood Invitational.

Dockstader sees the break as a double-edged sword for the girls. While there will be no organized practice for a week, many of the girls are traveling to more temperate climates allowing the opportunity to play some rounds.

"It's good and it's bad having the time off," Dockstader said. "If the girls do like they say they are and play over vacation it will actually be better than having them practice inside. The down side is they may not play."

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