Sheriff's behavior at public,


To the Editor:

I was at the Grand Olde West Days Carnival Saturday when a situation occurred with one of our county officials.

I was shocked at the behavior of Sheriff Buddy Grinstead.

It seems that Grinstead got hold of a VIP pass to the carnival and he went with his children.

The problem came when Grinstead tried to get in free again Saturday night and was told the VIP pass was only good for one night by the 70-year-old lady who owns the carnival.

Grinstead became so enraged that he threatened to bring inspectors in and shut down the carnival so no one could enjoy it. This elderly woman was so upset that she had to call police and Grinstead was removed by state and local law enforcement.

This behavior is an insult to our community. Grinstead should make a formal apology to the Chamber of Commerce, the Grand Olde West Days committee, the 70-year-old woman and law enforcement personnel embarrassed by this tantrum.

Audrey Hoffman,


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