Owens' statement hurts tourism


The rooster who crows the loudest in the barnyard gets the ax.

Gov. Bill Owens did Colorado, especially the tourist-dependent Western Slope, a disservice with his pretentious cackling of "all of Colorado is burning" in front of the national media. This feather-brained grandstanding could cost us billions in lost revenues, thousands of jobs and destroy the nest egg of hundreds of merchants.

In four years, Owens cracked a thriving Colorado economy and let it go bad. Unbelievably in one day with one cocklemamy statement, he made it much worse. The effect of Owens' "the sky is falling" prattle has already broken Main Street's fragile economic shell. All his scrambling and teflon words won't convince out-of-state tourists that it's safe to visit Colorado. The cameras have flown off to the next disaster.

This year, you have a choice to get rid of governor Humpty Dumpty and elect Rollie Heath, a long-time businessman and hard-boiled entrepreneur. Rollie Heath understands economic development unlike the former gas and oil lobbyist, Owens. Heath has the ingredients to flip our economy sunny-side up.

We've been fried under Owens' tax and spend and waste system for four years too long. We need to make sure this turkey has laid his last egg at the expense of Coloradoans like you and me.

Owens has got to get yolked this election year and you voters can do it by the dozens.

Leslie Robinson,


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