Coach's resignation adds to vacancies at high school


Moffat County High School head football coach John Haddan resigned from his coaching position last week, adding yet another vacancy to a long list of jobs the school is trying to fill.

"Frankly, in my 23 years of being involved with the school district I don't remember there being a turnover this big," Athletic Director Jim Loughran said Tuesday. "We will have a very new staff next year."

Haddan's resignation follows the resignation of his wife, Vicki Haddan, who stepped down from leading the girls volleyball team and has accepted the head coaching position with the girls track team.

John Haddan, who led the Moffat County High School football team for four years, would not comment on his stepping down.

This latest resignation brought the total of head coaching positions that needed to be filled by the high school this year to eight. Four of the eight vacancies have been filled. New coaches have been hired for cross country, basketball, boys soccer and girls track.

Loughran said as far as he knew there is no connection between the resignations and that the coaches who left had good reasons, such as finding a new position elsewhere or moving with family members who may have accepted jobs in different cities.

Loughran said the school is making progress on filling those vacancies.

The athletic director said the girls soccer position is near to being filled.

"We hope to fill the other positions (volleyball, football and rodeo) within the next two weeks," said Loughran. "The only position that is up in the air with what we are going to do is volleyball."

In an attempt to fill the football position, the school district has put out a statewide advertisement, but Loughran said, because of the limited teaching positions left in the district, it will be hard to hire an outside applicant and someone local will be more likely to be hired.

"Unless we have a really good outside candidate that fits a teaching position, we are looking for a local candidate," said the second-year athletic director. "Our top priority is to fill the job with someone that has a teaching position, but sometimes it just doesn't happen that way."

Two assistants from last year's squad, Ron Linsacum and Kip Hafey, have applied to succeed Haddan.

"It takes a lot to be a coach," said Loughran. "The money isn't much of an incentive you have to have a true love for the game.

"We are going to have a lot of learning to do next year. But we'll just do the best we can."

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