Fire, police officials call apartment fire 'suspicious'


The Timberglen apartment fire that broke out Friday morning has been ruled as "suspicious," and is now under investigation by the Craig Police Department.

The ruling came down after Craig Fire/Rescue was unable to determine the exact cause of the fire, which originated in a basement storage room closet in apartment building C.

The room contained furniture, bedding, lawn mowing supplies and some flammable cleaning supplies.

Police Sgt. Bill Leonard is in charge of the investigation.

Leonard said the department is currently looking into the possibility that a gas can had been moved from the storage room's back door and placed inside the room, through an unlocked door.

Leonard said that some aerosol cans had also been found in the closet where the fire originated.

It has also been reported to the police that several children were seen playing behind the storage room shortly before the fire broke out.

"It's still under investigation," Leonard said. "We're going to be looking at it a little bit more."

Both the Craig Police Department and Craig Fire/Rescue ruled the fire to be suspicious.

"We both looked into it, and there's just too many unknowns," said Craig Fire Chief Roy Mason.

"We ruled out electrical, we ruled out natural gas and power. There wasn't any electrical wires that were directly related to the storage closet, and we couldn't pinpoint it down because everything was burnt up so bad."

Mason said the fire was ultimately designated as suspicious because of an unlocked door leading into the storage room.

"They had a patio door on the west side of the apartment that was open that they said shouldn't have been open," Mason said. "Everything just didn't add up."

Mason said once a fire is ruled as suspicious, the police department takes over the investigation.

Mason also cautioned that a fire ruled as suspicious is just that.

"There are a lot of unanswered questions," Mason said. "There may be some things we'll never find. There may never be any evidence to substantiate anything, other than it's just suspicious; we couldn't blame it on anything."

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