Triple Crown tournaments slide into town


A chorus of "g-double-o-d-e-y-e, good eye, good eye, good eye!" echoed off the mountains of northwestern Colorado this weekend as more than 100 softball and baseball teams made Craig, Hayden, Oak Creek and Steamboat home for Triple Crown Sport's Mountain Magic Tournaments.

"This is the third year Craig has hosted a Triple Crown event," said Jexx Varner, the on-sight director for the baseball section of the tournament. "Each year the facilities improve and the field quality is what allows us to be here."

While all but two of the championship games were in Steamboat the official host for the weekend on Sunday, Craig had its share of action on Friday and Saturday at the Loudy-Simpson and Woodbury complexes.

Woodbury hosted much of the pool play for what Triple Crown considers its Division 2, which are teams that are less "select" than Division 1, Varner said.

The combination of five age groups, ranging from 10 to 14, brought 66 teams to the tournament.

The softball tournament used all four Loudy-Simpson fields and, unlike baseball, both divisions were competing in seven age groups, ranging from 12 years old to college age. The designations of Division A or B accompanied the teams with the A teams considered to be the stronger clubs. There were more than 60 teams to play fast-pitch at Loudy-Simpson.

The Mountain Magic Tournaments were warm-ups for upcoming state tournaments and while most of the teams competing were from Colorado, several Wyoming and Utah teams made the trip as well as a team from Toledo, OH.

Next weekend Triple Crown will return with a tournament for the Division 1 baseball teams. The grand finale of them all, the Triple Crown World Series, will also be hosted by Steamboat and played in Craig. Tournaments will be taking place for the World Series from July 24-Aug. 11, beginning with baseball and finishing with softball.

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