New address system to be reviewed


If an emergency occurs in rural Moffat County, county officials are taking measures to make sure the emergency scene can be located quickly, said Moffat County Commissioner Marianna Raftopoulos.

Commissioners will likely be adopt a new policy Monday morning, which will outline a new system for naming and identifying roads in Moffat County and making sure each home has a specific, easy-to-locate address.

"The policy makes corrections to addressing so emergency vehicles can find places easily," said Moffat County Planning Department Director Sue Graler.

Problems with the current address system include county roads with the same name and residents who receive their mail at a highway address but are located on a road off of the highway on subdivided property, Graler said.

"There have been problems in the past and we want to head this off," Raftopoulos said. "The reason we did this was for the 911 system."

Changes that would occur under the new policy include:

Any road that provides access to two or more "buildable" lots in unincorporated Moffat County shall be identified with a unique road name.

County roads will all be given designated numbers so they can be identified in the county road system. County roads that are known informally by a name established historically will be marked with both that name and a number.

Some homes will be given new addresses under the new policy.

Situations where renumbering of addresses might have to be done include:

Addresses that are not sequential.

Addresses that need to be changed or "regrided" after a road name is assigned or reassigned.

Three open houses were held in Craig, Maybell and Dinosaur in January to discuss the identification changes to roads and addresses in Moffat County.

Graler said people seemed to agree with the ideas being proposed at the public meetings.

"We had good attendance at the public meetings," Graler said. "The simple fact is this is for people's safety."

Once the policy is adopted there will not be immediate mass changes, Graler said.

"The plan is to get a policy adopted and deal with one area at a time," she said.

"We will probably start with Maybell first and need to decide how we want to meet with people and discuss the issue."

Raftopoulos said the county has been working on the new policy for two years and said it has come before the commissioners several times for discussion.

After Monday's discussion, commissioners will have an opportunity to make final approval.

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