Rescue workers thanked for kind, professional service


To the Editor:
We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to the Moffat County Sheriff's Department and the Sheriff's Posse who recently helped us find our children who were lost near Freeman Reservoir.
Those who responded were kind, quick to help, organized and very professional. They kept us informed and kept us calm. We feel very fortunate to have such great people who are so willing to help when you need them.
Those who responded were Walker Chriswell, Eva Vaughan, Doug Vaughan, George Miner, Ray Wagner, Gary Culver, David Bray, Cory Phillips, Ken Roberts, Ed Wilkensen, Buddy Grinstead, Skip Duncan, Jerry Hoberg, Gary Nichols, Todd Wheeler and Dan Burke.
Thank you again!
Harold and Karen Brown,
Chelsea Brown and Robert Kidd

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