Flat tire believed to be factor in wreck


The flats of flowers laying on their sides in the hot sun, scattered bags of potting soil and bottle of weed killer gave evidence Thursday's one-car rollover accident interrupted what should have been a day of gardening and time relaxing with a tattered copy of JoAnna Lindsey's "Surrender My Love" that was also strewn on the highway.

Instead of gardening, Alice Kidder, 62, spent the afternoon in The Memorial Hospital, being treated for scrapes and bruises and then released.

According to Craig Police Department Sgt. Bill Leonard, Kidder was driving west on U.S. Highway 40 when her red Chevrolet pickup pulled to the right, probably because of a flat tire. She was hauling water in the back of the truck, which helped upset the balance when she overcorrected. From the point where she lost control to the point where the pick-up rolled, Kidder traveled 123 feet, about 68 feet of it in a 3/4 roll.

The truck came to rest on the driver's side pointing north and south and rescue workers had to cut the top off to get Kidder out of the vehicle.

"It was totaled," Leonard said. "Anytime we have to extricate, it pretty much does a vehicle in. Anytime you roll a vehicle, it twists and tweaks the frame."

No citation was issued and there is no indication any will be, Leonard said.

"She was wearing her seatbelt and definitely in this case, it saved her from serious injury or worse," Leonard said. "The seatbelt did what it was supposed to do in this case. She was securely fastened and in place and the seatbelt didn't come undone until the fire department

cut it."

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