Center starts anger assessment program


With help from a donation from Craig's Rebekah Lodge, the Craig Mental Health Center has been able to start a program to assess and treat adolescent anger.

The Rebekah Lodge, a local women's organization which strives to help the citizens of Moffat County, was approached with the idea shortly after several juveniles threatened violence within the community.

Thanks to the donation, the Mental Health Center's Peggy Sammons and David Linn will now have the funds to purchase assessment material, which will assist in identifying and treating adolescent anger.

The donation has also enabled the non-profit health center to fund several scholarships for assessments for adolescents whose families may not be able to afford such an evaluation.

"Craig Mental Health had a need and they needed some help in putting together some money to implement this program," said Tracey Lathrop, the Noble Grand of the Craig Rebekah Lodge and a therapist/case manager at the Craig Mental Health Center. "We saw a need in the community and the ladies of the Rebekah Lodge all voted unanimously to give them the money."

Lathrop said the assessments would be valuable because she and her co-workers will now be able to detect and treat the problem.

"We're seeing a lot more angry adolescents in this community and all over the country," Lathrop said. "This will tell us which kids are angry. A lot of times we'll see someone and we're not sure of the exact cause of some of their acting-out behaviors. Once the assessments are complete, we can then do specific interventions to help these kids learn to manage their anger."

Lathrop also expects the program to make a considerable difference.

"I would like to see less angry kids and hopefully reach some kids that need some help. Many kids are not managing their anger. They are not coping well for whatever reason and we need to help. If they are angry, they need to express that in appropriate ways. Just like adults have to be able to express their anger appropriately, youngsters need to learn to do that as well."

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