Swimming with the Sharks


Craig's Sea Sharks have dived into another summer swim season.

The Sea Sharks season, which began May 20, officially got underway on June 1 with a meet at Steamboat Springs.

The team placed second overall.

"The meet went really well for the Sea Sharks," said third-year head coach Cammie Hilleweart "Most of the kids dropped times in all of their events. All the kids swam well and their stokes looked good. They did a good job."

Sea Sharks President Tammy Workman was also pleased with the results.

"It was more about getting back into the groove of things for most kids, but all in all our kids did very well," Workman said. "All ages did very well and we had everybody place very high."

Caitlin Conci led the way for Sea Sharks as she earned the most points, winning high point in the 11 through 12-year-old girls classification.

The Sea Sharks are a competitive summer swim team comprised of swimmers age five through 18.

According to team guidelines, the Sea Sharks do not focus on winning meets, but rather on the creation of a safe and positive social environment in which each child can take part in a sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. A successful season for each swimmer is based on personal development and a positive contribution to the team. Developing better swimming habits and building leadership and teamwork skills are several of the goals that the coaching staff emphasizes.

"Basically, it's a real fun program and a real learning program," Workman said. "We have kids

that swim just to have fun all the

way up to kids who swim competitively."

Hilleweart, who swims for South Dakota University, said two of her objectives are to see skills and times improve throughout the summer.

"If we do well as a team then that's great," Hilleweart said. "I would like to see the kids drop their times and improve their strokes. If the kids have all achieved personal records or decreased in time, then it's been a successful season."

Hilleweart said she also looks to instill certain qualities within each swimmer.

"A lot of teamwork and a lot sportsmanship are what I hope to instill in the kids as a coach," Hilleweart said.

"That and just the fact that personal records are enough. They don't always have to win, but they need to be racing against themselves every time. Also, we are all a team and we need to work together and cheer for each other."

Next up for the Sea Sharks is the June 8 meet at Rangely.

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