Man accused of abusing mother pleads not guilty


A man accused of embezzling money from his elderly mother has denied wrongdoing, but was recently charged with violating the bond and restraining order connected with the case.

John Alva Bartlett, 67, appeared in court last week and pleaded not guilty to charges of theft, theft from an at-risk adult, neglect of an at-risk adult and third-degree assault of an at-risk adult. A trial for the case has been scheduled for Nov. 5.

Bartlett was arrested by on Feb. 28 on the charge of crimes against an at-risk adult or juvenile. An "at-risk adult" is a person over 18 who is unable to care or provide for his or herself because of mental or physical incapacitation.

While in court, Bartlett, who is helping to organize his legal defense, and attorney Michael O'Hara III indicated to the court they will be filing a motion to have property returned to Bartlett. A motions hearing is scheduled for June 24. Bartlett has claimed to be a lawyer, but the Colorado Bar does not show him to be licensed to practice law in Colorado. The California Bar has Bartlett listed as "Not Entitled to practice law in California," according to court documents.

According to court documents, Bartlett allegedly embezzled $131,465.68 that belonged to his mother, Violette Bartlett, 101.

Violette Bartlett recently celebrated her 101st birthday on Thursday at Valley View Manor.

Bartlett placed his mother in Valley View Manor in April of 2001, but has not paid for her residency. The bill stands in excess

of $30,000, according to

court documents.

Bartlett also allegedly placed a lien of more than $15,000 on his mother's house on 601 Rose St. to buy a car. Bartlett lived in the house on Rose Street while Violette Bartlett was in Valley View Manor. He also allegedly physically and verbally abused his mother, the documents state. The car allegedly purchased with money from the lien on the Rose Street house is the property Bartlett is seeking to have returned by the court.

Bartlett is free on $20,000 bond but was charged with violating his bond conditions on May 3 because he allegedly consume alcoholic and violated the criminal restraining order conditions on the same date, according to court documents.

A hearing date has been set for June 4, but Bartlett has not yet been served the summons concerning the alleged violations, Deputy District Attorney Bonnie Roesink said.

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