County solid waste fees increase


Rates for solid waste at the Moffat County Landfill have been raised to $10 per ton for residents and $20 per ton for non-residents.

Previously residents paid $5 per ton and non-residents paid $13 per ton.

Examples of "solid waste" include sludge from wastewater treatment, concrete, car wash sludge, sand or dirt and tree mulch.

The Moffat County commissioners raised the price July 8 under advisement by Moffat County Landfill Manager Eric Johnson.

Johnson had said the increase was necessary to assist in controlling cost due to the increasing size of the landfill and the amount of "airspace" the solid waste consumes.

"Our landfill is filling up faster than we expected and we need to increase cost in order to expand," he said.

Half of the money for municipal use is supposed to come from tax dollars and the other half is supposed to come through fees charged for use, Johnson said.

"Our landfill is considerably cheaper than other places," Johnson said before the increase was approved. "I haven't heard of any other landfills charging less than $40 a ton for municipal use. We charge $16 per ton."

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