Blazing saddles still blazing


With the summer in full swing, it may be hard to find something to do except complain about the heat and ignore the constant, "mommy, daddy, I'm bored."

But the city's Parks and Recreation Department has an opportunity for all ages to escape from the monotony of summer for a day or even a night with its Blazing Saddles program.

In cooperation with Elk Horn Outfitters the activity involves a horseback ride through the wilderness with everything provided horse, saddle and sack lunch.

"This has been a really good opportunity for children who might not be as involved in sports during the summer," said Pam Brethauer from Parks and Rec. "The horses are very tame and there isn't a need for someone with a lot of riding experience."

One of the more experienced Blazing Saddles riders is 12-year-old Jessica Leier. The horse lover said she has been on six or seven of the rides during the last two summers.

"It gives you a chance to be out in the open with the horses," she said. "You get to learn about wild animals and trees and plants and most of the time the guides don't get lost. But if they get lost, we still find our way back."

Brethauer said that the program provides an opportunity for horse owners to be able to get out and actually rider their horses.

"Horse owners sometimes just get to work the horse out around the ranch," she said. "Blazing Saddles provides an opportunity for them to get out and actually ride."

The costs for the rides have been reduced to $45 for a day trip and $90 for the overnighter on July 24 and 25. For additional information and deadlines, contact the Parks and Recreation office at 824-2004.

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