Little Britches Rodeo kicks off today at fair grounds


A Craig Fourth of July tradition, the Little Britches Rodeo, began today at 9a.m. at the Moffat county Fairgrounds and will continue through Sunday.

The cowboys and cowgirls competing in the rodeo range from 8-18 in age and come from as far as Nebraska to Nevada.

"One of the most exciting parts to watch is the littlest ones out there," said Gary Brannan, co-coordinator of the rodeo with Diane Brannan.

According to the Brannans the Craig LBR is one of the largest in the national circuit, which is celebrating its 50th year in existence.

There will be an additional day for the rodeo this year with the "Big Britches" Rodeo on Sunday.

"The Big Britches part will be like a Little Britches alumni gathering." said Gary.

"This is a fun event to watch because there will be past and present world champions there," said Diane.

The Little Britches cowpokes are competing for rodeo bucks that can be spent at local businesses that sponsored the event.

Each day there will be a full rodeo starting at 9 a.m.

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