Stories for July 2002


Wednesday, July 31

Shooters take aim at weekend match

Four handgun owners got together at their meeting place Wednesday night to make final preparations for the big showdown on Saturday.

Testing, testing

Local CSAP scores show Moffat County keeping up with state averages in all subjects except math

According to state test scores released Wednesday, Moffat County students are proficient in reading and writing, but are still scoring below the state proficiency average in math.

County hopes plan will put sheep fight to rest

It might be a while before local officials decide the best means of settling a dispute between a family and its neighbors on Thompson Hill.

Supplies drive for local schools begins Aug. 5

The Community Budget Center and Moffat County Girl Scouts will be holding their second annual school supplies drive starting Aug. 5.

Annual home run derby quite a hit

In Jarrod Kunkle's first at-bat he set the precedent; in his final at-bat he set a record.

Tuesday, July 30

The pros and cons of sponsorships

Have a Coke and a smile or a Pepsi and $25,000.

Motorcross Madness

Local track gaining popularity along with sport

Hidden in the hills south of Craig, sandwiched between the landfill and the power plant, is an attraction to Northwest Colorado that is quietly making a name for itself in the state. Actually, when the Yampa Valley Sportman's Rider Club hosts a race at its track on Ranney Street it is loudly making its name for itself.

City investment revenue drops slightly due to lower interest rates

Craig resident's tax dollars are safe despite the havoc on Wall Street. That's because Colorado statute prohibits the investment of municipal funds in the stock market.

Moffat County Fair gets under way Friday

The 84th Annual Moffat County Fair kicks off with the English Division Open Horse Show at the Moffat County Fairgrounds at 6:30 p.m. Friday.

Mens softball tournament full of upsets on first night

The tournament seeds meant very little Tuesday night at the Craig Softball Association's mens' softball tournament. In the final two games of the night the first and second ranked clubs were beaten.

Mountain Meat Packing company grabs national awards

Craig's own Mountain Meat Packing company recently took home two national awards at the 2002 American Cured Meat Championships.

It's a matter of interpretation

Moffat County's public services struggle with a growing Spanish-speaking population

Ada Jaquez's son, Angel, weighed two pounds when he was born five months ago.

Monday, July 29

Construction firms to be reviewed for new hospital

Board of directors has received five similar bids from five companies

At The Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees meeting Wednesday night, board members are scheduled to discuss what firm they want to hire to oversee the construction of a new hospital.

Shiloh Home celebrates one year of operation

Shiloh Home, Craig's youth care facility, celebrated one year of operation with a public meeting Monday night to discuss its role in the community and its goals.

County commission to review sheep problem

A family on Thompson Hill owns sheep and says it has a right to keep and graze those sheep on its property. But many of their neighbors disagree.

Swing and a miss

In the co-ed softball tournament not everyone wins, but they sure have fun losing

It has been said that on any given day any given team can win.

Baseball is life...

I don't know if I've ever been impressed at a baseball field more than I was this weekend.

Sewer-line squabble backs up development

The Craig City Council is considering whether to claim the sewer lines that serve Country Club Heights on E. 7th Street, which means the city would have to take responsibility for future problems and there will be problems, according to Public Works Director Bill Earley.

Sunday, July 28

Behind the scenes: The ladies of the speedway

Occasionally drivers at the Hayden Speedway will donate their cars for what has been dubbed the "powder puff" race in which females, who usually spend most of their time behind the scenes of the race, get to sit behind the wheel.

After the fire

Area blazes have been beneficial, ecologist says

The 2,449-acre Green Creek wildfire near Steamboat Springs is 75 percent contained.

Conservation board proposes mill levy increase

In light of the current drought the worst in Colorado's history the Colorado River Water Conservation District board decided now would be a good time to ask for a mill levy increase this fall.

A 'vacation' in Vietnam

The local VNA's director of community health leads a team of Colorado nurses to advance health education

On Saturday, Marilyn Bouldin, the Visiting Nurse Association's director of community health, headed off on her summer vacation.

Hayden Speedway

Modified Madness full of fender benders

In racing there is a saying, "rubbing is racing," which reminds drivers that a little tap here and there is just part of the race.

Thursday, July 25

Art festival set for Aug. 2-3

The city of Craig is preparing to host its first-ever Sagebrush Art Festival Aug. 2-3.

McInnis pushes for full funding of PILT

Reimbursements for property taxes lost on federally owned land falls short $140 million

Moffat County received about $300,000 in reimbursements from the federal government for the 1.6 million acres of federal land located in the county last year.

Museum exhibit draws in the crowds

Rockwell display examines 'Family Life' during the 1950s-60s

The Museum of Northwest Colorado is currently offering the unique opportunity to view original drawings by renowned artist Norman Rockwell.

Triple Crown teams tough on 11-12 Hackers

After his team's second game on Thursday coach Rob Satterwhite gathered the 11-12 Craig Hackers together and asked them to raise their hands if they wanted to get a hit. Every member of the team raised his hand. The gesture served as a morale booster for a team that had only been able to muster two hits in two games in the Triple Crown World Series.

It's a dirty job

I know it's wrong to criticize an invention that has saved the sanity and extended the lives of mothers around the world. An invention that means a quick trip to the trash can instead of hours spent bent over the toilet, but disposable diapers aren't quite perfect yet.

Making a plan

City, county join forces to outline long-term goals and future development

The city of Craig and Moffat County have hired Martin Landers and Associates from Fort Collins to develop a new master plan that will outline the long-term development goals for the two entities and how they want to coincide.

Tuesday, July 23

Junior golfers compete at Yampa Valley Golf Course

Although numbers were down from the past four years at the 19th annual Yampa River Junior Classic, the quality of golfers was just as strong Tuesday at the Yampa Valley Golf Course.

Phase wire burn causes homes, radio station to lose power

About 10 to 15 homes and a local radio station were without power for a short time Tuesday night when a phase wire burned on Cedar Mountain north of Craig.

Doing homework: School to start Aug. 22

As July ends and August starts, it means it's time to think about heading back to school for parents and children.

Hispanic population continues to grow

About eight years ago Ignacio "Nacho" Quezada made a visit to Craig to see his son.

Youngest golfers out to have fun

He stood there with an expression of confidence as he measured his putt. His black hat, red shirt and black pants are always what he wears on championship day. There was no stopping him on this day as he beat his closest competitor by 14 strokes.

Water plan

City Council mulls over voluntary conservation efforts

The Craig City Council is recommending residents make some common sense, voluntary water conservation efforts despite assurances from the city's staff that Craig is in a good position to withstand the drought without them.

Monday, July 22

Skufca reaches plea agreement, avoids trial

The jury trial scheduled for Wednesday for convicted criminal Stephen Skufca was cancelled as a result of a plea entered by Skufca's attorney last week. The plea resulted in jail time for Skufca, but District Attorney David Waite said it would be included with another felony conviction Skufca will be sentenced for on Aug. 19 in Moffat County District Court.


In one of the worst dry seasons

While most problems across the state are due to a lack of water this summer, Maybell residents are complaining that there is too much water in their community. It's in the ditches, in their yards and even in their basements. About 30 people stuffed themselves into the Maybell Community Center Monday night for a Moffat County commissioners meeting scheduled to address the concerns of Maybell residents.

Voters to have unlimited questions

Removing term limits to be decided for individual offices

The Moffat County commissioners voted Monday night to separate the question of whether to remove term limits for elected officials into five different questions on this fall's general election ballot. County residents will be able to vote to remove term limits for Moffat County Clerk and Recorder, Moffat County Treasurer, Moffat County Assessor, Moffat County Sheriff and Moffat County Coroner.

Concistent Caitlin

It didn't take long for Caitlin Conci to realize that she was a gifted swimmer. When she was six her family was in Florida and there were some swimming races at a nearby hotel. Just out of curiosity Conci joined the competition and ended up beating several boys who were two years older than her.

On a role

When he was a player Charles Barkley proudly boasted, "I am not a role model." I have always waffled back and forth between whether or not it was fair for athletes to be followed in their every move, or if they should just accept that they need to behave honorably when in the public eye. After last week I realized it isn't up to the athlete it is up to the fans to decide.

Police investigation into inmate's death continues

Six days after inmate John Alva Bartlett was found dead in his cell, investigators are saying the unofficial cause of death was most likely due to pneumonia.

Sunday, July 21

Working the Hayman Fire

Moffat County Emergency Manager Clyde Anderson relates his experience as a Red Cross volunteer during the state's largest blaze in history

Some people walked into the Red Cross Family Service Unit ready to cope with disaster. Others broke down as soon as they made it to safety after escaping, with nothing, the inferno that was their home.

Lightning fires keep crews busy

Local agencies kept busy Friday afternoon when about six different reports of lightning-caused fires came over the radio scanner within a short period of time.

The trickle-down effects of drought

A state economist says dry weather will impact more than just farmers and ranchers

Farmers are feeling the affect of the ongoing drought in Colorado, but they're not going to be the only ones impacted, according to one state expert.

Sea Sharks peak at Western Slopes Championships

Sleeping-in has been a rare occurrence for Sea Shark swimmers this summer as their practices start at 6 a.m.

Area not immune from teen suicide epidemic

Each year, thousands of teenagers die as a result of suicide and Moffat County is not exempt from what has become an ever-increasing national epidemic.

Another Chinese restaurant gets ready to open in Craig

Craig should soon be able to boast one other Chinese restaurant.

El Mexico SC dominates Aspen

In football, the battles are won in the trenches, in basketball it is important to be successful in the paint and in soccer the key is to win the match-ups at midfield.

Partners names new director

Tara Jenrich, case manager for Moffat County Partners, has been named the new executive director of the local organization that strives to develop partnerships between adults and youth in the community. Jenrich replaces Debi Landoll, who has headed Moffat County Partners since its inception three years ago.

Thursday, July 18

Craig welcomes new CNCC president

The city of Craig welcomed Colorado Northwestern Community College's new President Peter Angstadt on Thursday.

Horse-riding therapy reigns in self esteem

Through the efforts of two Craig residents, the city now has a program and an arena dedicated to helping disabled children.

The thrill of the chase

In my pre-children days, toddlers found me interesting, sometimes amusing, but not someone they turned to when they were in the mood to cuddle or when they needed a little TLC.

Familiar foe

Two Craig U14 soccer teams will face off six times this season

"Trenton go after your sister," goalkeeper Phalynn Terry of the Craig U14 Bluepers yelled Thursday night, as her youth recreation soccer team faced off against the Craig U14 Ketchup.

Term limit question to be finalized

At the urging of several community members 471 to be exact the Moffat County commissioners agreed at the end of June to put the question of whether to remove term limits for all elected officials except the commissioners on this fall's ballot.

Wednesday, July 17

Dinosaur visits down before fire

Many parks and monuments throughout Colorado have reported up to a 50-percent decrease in tourism over the summer due to wildfires.

New general manager at Trapper

Starting next month, Trapper Mining will have a new general manager.

Jade Helen Kapferer


Football staff anxious to reveal 'Bone Crusher Attack'

Moffat County High School's new head football coach Kip Hafey probably has either a big stack of phone cards or a large phone bill this summer.

Fishing the Yampa

With water levels the lowest in years, the question has surfaced of whether fishing on the Yampa should continue.

With the forecast being either hot and dry or hotter and drier this summer in the Yampa Valley, water levels on the Yampa River have dropped to extreme lows.

Bear market produces its own fear factor

The stock market, for a variety reasons, has continued to find itself stuck in a state of instability, which has rippled from New York City to Craig.

School funding increased

Federal dollars could mean more programs, more pay, and more accountability

The Moffat County School District has about $90,000 of additional federal funds in its budget this year as a result of the No Child Left Behind Act signed by President Bush on Jan. 8.

Early voting for primaries begins in August

With the Moffat County primary election right around the corner, early voting opportunities and absentee ballots have been made available through the Moffat County Clerk and Recorder's Office.

Tuesday, July 16

Water pulled for power plant

City officials confident resources are sufficient

Officials with Tri-State Generation and Transmission decided Saturday to bolster the once swift-flowing Yampa River. They have asked the city to release a portion of their water in Elkhead Reservoir into the river to support Craig Station Power Plant operations.

County takes standby approach to area fires

Protection of local fire district remains top priority

Although three wild fires of more than 1,500 acres are burning in neighboring Routt County, no engines or personnel from Moffat County or Craig fire crews have been sent to assist.

Giving back

Yesterday I was sitting at my desk when the office received a call to notify us that a biker, who was riding around Colorado for "some cause," was going to make Craig his umpteenth home on the umpteenth night of his journey.

Cyclist circumvents Colorado to raise funding for cancer

As the heat reached its peak on Tuesday, Jeff Sambur rode into Craig with a dry mouth, parched skin and sore eyes.

Free concert enjoyed by many

Moffat County has disaster plan in place

As wildfires burn in Routt County, local officials are saying they are prepared if Moffat County is faced with a similar crisis.

Area 51 uncovered

Paintball has gained notoriety in a notorious way in the last six months in Craig.

Inmate found dead at Public Safety Center

The first death of an inmate since the opening of the Moffat County Public Safety Center was reported this morning. John Alva Bartlett, 68, was found dead in his cell at approximately 2 a.m. this morning during a routine cell check at the Moffat County Jail.

Monday, July 15

Schools to stay with current drug policy

Role of school, finances cited as reasons not to test for substances

Local officials are saying Moffat County School District policy will not change because of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that drug testing students involved in extra-curricular activities is constitutional.

District to phase out 15-passenger vans used to transport students

The Moffat County School District is phasing 15-passenger vans out of its fleet of vehicles used for transporting local students.

Donavon D. "Don" Hanna

County solid waste fees increase

Rates for solid waste at the Moffat County Landfill have been raised to $10 per ton for residents and $20 per ton for non-residents.

Fit to be tying in Farmington

Tia Brannan has grown up in the tradition of rodeo in her family, following her two older sisters who were riding and roping before her.

11-12 All-Stars fall one out from title

The 11-12 District Little League tournament in Idaho Springs lasted one out too long for the Craig All-Star team.

Local VNA executive director earns national fellowship award

The nation's largest humanitarian organization has selected one the region's own for a prominent national nursing fellowship.

Board considers Pepsi sponsorship

School officials ponder philosophical debate surrounding the $25,000 bid

Pepsi is offering the Moffat County School District $25,000 if it agrees to give Pepsi sole distribution rights in Moffat County High School.

Council reviews cable franchise

Craig residents will soon be writing checks to pay their cable bills to Bresnan Communications, the company that purchased several franchises from AT&T Broadband.

Sunday, July 14

Giving back

A sixth-grade student shows what she can do for her community

On pay day Nancy Gutierrez signs her check and sets approximately 10 percent of the earnings aside. After depositing her share, Nancy then has a decision to make which local non-profit will she donate to this time?

Roy Angelo

Bike safety stressed during summer months

With summer in full swing, more people are spending time outside taking advantage of long days and warm weather.

Pretty in pink

The Craig Sea Sharks focus on keeping it fun in and out of the pool

At the Craig Sea Sharks ABC swim meet on Saturday there was no question who the home team swimmers were. They were the ones with the bright pink lips.

Main events provide excitement on and off speedway

Hayden Speedway

Before the main events started for Saturday's Super Street Sprint at the Hayden Speedway some of the fans packed up to finish their night elsewhere. Those fans missed some of the more exciting action of the night with a big wreck, an unexpected switch of drivers and some interesting finishes.

Behind the scenes: The pits of Hayden Speedway

After the trophy race in the Super Street Division, Phil Goodwin's No. 29 car came hobbling into the pits. In less than five minutes it was diagnosed that he needed a new hose for his engine. Immediately the word was out along pit row and a hose that fit almost perfectly was delivered from another crew.

CWD facility still in question

Craig to get at least a site to take daily samples from hunters

A site where hunters can take their elk or deer heads to have samples removed for chronic wasting disease testing rather than an actual testing facility is a worst case scenario for Craig this fall, according to the state's Division of Wildlife director.

Sheriff's department searches for body

Members of the Moffat County Sheriff's Office spent 19 hours Saturday on private property near Dinosaur digging for what was believed to be remains of Rhonda Karren, a Uintah County resident missing since 1987.

Thursday, July 11

Local Safeway not impacted by E. coli outbreak

As state health officials continue to investigate an outbreak of E. coli that is directly linked to ground beef purchased from Colorado Safeway food stores, it appears Craig will not be affected.

Steele's candidacy petition approved

Two candidates will be vying for the District 3 Moffat County commissioner's seat in the Nov. 5 general election.

Ethan Lars Hansen

Skyler Jade Meagher

Blazing saddles still blazing

With the summer in full swing, it may be hard to find something to do except complain about the heat and ignore the constant, "mommy, daddy, I'm bored."

Steamboat spoils Bulldog's run

It only took four balls to end the run for the 9-10 Craig All-Star team.

Wildfire bills passed

Penalties increased for those who start blazes

State lawmakers passed eight bills dealing with wildfires during this week's legislative special session.

Emily Jane Hobson

Owen Lars Hansen

Adulthood doesn't come free, or easy

Robert Fulghum, author of "All I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten" said during a speech to a high school graduating class that the measure of our ability to become fully-functional adults is our ability to deal with "yuck."

Wednesday, July 10

All-Stars comeback in grand fashion

The winning continues for the 9-10 Craig Bulldog All-Stars.

Mo Phat racers endure Howelsen cross country race

As cyclists gathered at the finish line after the fourth race in the Town Challenge Mountain Bike Series in Steamboat Springs, one of the racers, slowly recovering from oxygen debt, observed: "Now I realize why we wear bright jerseys, it is so people can identify our dirt-covered bodies after we finish."

Manns celebrate 50th anniversary

Raygan Mattson

Kaela Rose Ahart

Terra Schwingdorf

The bugs are taking over

Grasshoppers munching on a third of Moffat County

The local pest management supervisor estimated about one third of the county is experiencing a grasshopper takeover.

Class of '47 to reunite this weekend

Years ago, there was no Moffat County High School. Just a little, old building located at what is now Breeze Street Park simply called Craig High School.

Rattlesnakes may be unwanted visitors this summer

Due to the dry conditions this summer, rattlesnakes may be making their way to town looking for cool, moist places to wait out the 90-degree heat, according to one local expert.

Police officers to remain presence at schools

Grants run out; school, city to split salary costs

Funding that allowed the Craig Police Department to put an officer in Moffat County schools will end this year.

Tuesday, July 9

Fire from the sky

County and BLM officials keep an eye out for lighning as start of regular fire season nears

Although fire season is still not officially upon the area, lightning strikes are already causing blazes.

Resident turns himself in to authorities

Man who allegedly abused his mother faces more charges

One day after failing to appear at a motions and arraignment date hearing, a man accused of embezzling money from his elderly mother turned himself in to local authorities.

New state patrol trooper arrives in Craig

Craig's Division of the Colorado State Patrol has added a new trooper.

An opportunity we can't afford to waste

With a $50,000 grant in hand and an effort under way to gather another $58,000 as matching funds, the Craig/Moffat County Economic Development Partnership seems well on its way to establishing the area's first business incubator project.

Rebecca harrison Hale

Delbert L. Scott

Makayla Marie Martinez

Yahir Miguel Espinoza


Rematch against Eagle Valley no-match for All-Stars

The 9-10 All-Star team extended its district tournament bid by one more on Tuesday with a 14-3 win over Eagle Valley. A game in which coach Shane Camilletti turned to an assistant in the fifth inning and proclaimed, "If we keep playing like this we'll be going to state."

Lawnmower man rides for U.S. troops

On June 14, King Remsberg III jumped on a John Deere LT 150 lawnmower at 10 a.m. in Paso Robles, Calif., and began driving east.

Sunday, July 7

Browns Park residents get power boost from generator

Electric lines burned in Utah fire could be down for a month

A temporary generator is being used to power homes in the Browns Park area as a result of the 23,000-acre Mustang Fire burning in Utah.

9-10 All Star Team's offense comes alive

With a double elimination format, the 9-10 Craig All Stars were given a second chance this weekend after the team lost its first game of the district tournament against Eagle Valley.

Some things never change

A display at the Craig/Moffat County Economic Development Partnership shows the continued importance of small business

Instead of trying to attract big business to Craig, newly hired economic development director Wally Ralston said the key to improving the local economy is to help local businesses grow and to encourage entrepreneurship in the area.

Relaxation key for local golfer's win

Silver Bullet Golf Tournament

Maybe it was the lucky ball marker from Hawaii, or the presence of her husband/caddie.

Veterinarians: Pets suffer from summer heat, too

High temperatures in the summer pose certain health-related risks for people. Those potential hazards can include sunburn, dehydration and heatstroke.

Thursday, July 4

'Tis the season for heat injuries

As blistering temperatures continue to soar across much of Colorado, so do the possibilities of health-related injuries and illnesses.

Walter Lebs Jr.

Christopher Eugene Kyle Harmon

Bear Fire trapped

Mop-up begins as 100 percent containment reached

The 4,800-acre wildfire that has been burning for a week in Dinosaur National Monument was 100 percent contained as of Thursday night.

Who's afraid of the boogy man?

We took the kids to the carnival when it was in town.

Dezzee Lynn Pfister


Practices, camps prepare hoopsters

The Bulldog boys '02-'03 basketball season unofficially started June 5 when Mike LeWarne was asked to fill the vacant head coaching position. Since that time, the team has been hoopin' it up to prepare for the LeWarne era.

Juanita McConnell

John P. Kostiuk

All-Star teams gear up for weekend district tournaments

Two weeks ago 9-10 year old Craig Little League All-Star coach Shane Camilletti said all that his team needed was a couple more weeks of practice and they would be a strong team. That time has come, and this weekend the team will be put to the test.

Tuesday, July 2

Little Britches Rodeo kicks off today at fair grounds

A Craig Fourth of July tradition, the Little Britches Rodeo, began today at 9a.m. at the Moffat county Fairgrounds and will continue through Sunday.

The Classicists of Cottonwood

Last weekend marked the 35th year of the Cottonwood Classic and three men from Craig who were playing on the fairways and greens at Yampa Valley Golf Course have been there since the beginning.

Fire department expecting crowds for fireworks

Chief hopes illegal use of fireworks doesn't spoil occasion

The Craig Fire Department is expecting a big crowd for its annual fire works display tonight due to the fact that most places throughout the state have cancelled their programs.

Bear Fire at Dinosaur begins to fizzle

Firefighters working the Bear Fire in Dinosaur National Monument were able to relax a bit Tuesday afternoon.

Jackson Matthew Morse

Madison Noel Alonso

Tadum Marie Griggs

Thomas Leon Whitesell

Three more MCHS coaches hired

Moffat County High School Athletic Director Jim Loughran has been busy this summer with eight head coaching positions needing to be filled before the start of the school year.

Fire causes power outage for residents at Browns Park

Residents in the northwest corner of Moffat County are feeling the effects of a 23,000-acre fire burning in Utah.

Bode Garrett Rivenes

Blazing Away

Day-to-day life ends where the fire line begins

Four days ago Don Wagner was standing on a ridge watching a plane dump water on the Bear Fire burning in Dinosaur National Monument when he remembered he had to make an important telephone call.

Mexican family keeps soccer tradition alive

As the United States prepares for its birthday celebration one aspect that people recognize is the melting pot of nations and the cultures present.

Patriotism and jazz to meld July 10

U.S. Army Field Band component to perform free concert

The Jazz Ambassadors of the United States Army Field Band will be performing a free concert in Craig on July 10.

Hotshots break from one blaze to fight another

After battling the Coal Seam Fire and Million Fire for 14 days, the Craig Hotshots are off again today to fight the Spring Creek Fire.

Mosquito spraying to continue until Saturday

Moffat County Pest Management and Mountain Air Spray will continue conducting aerial mosquito spraying over the outlying areas of Craig today through Saturday.

Monday, July 1

Bear Fire closing in on 5,000 acres

Helicopters drop water on blaze in steep terrain; containment at 10 percent this morning

The Bear Fire burning near the east entrance of Dinosaur National Monument grew to 4,800 acres Monday, up from 4,500 acres Tuesday.

James F. "Jim" Thomas

Countywide fire plan to include rural landowners

Wildfires are the hot topic in Colorado this summer, but long before the fires broke out throughout the state, Moffat County officials were working on a countywide fire plan for rural landowners.

McKenzie pleads guilty

Former dental coalition director to serve no time for embezzling funds

Former Northwest Colorado Dental Coalition Executive Director Robin McKenzie, 36, pleaded guilty Monday to theft from the dental coalition and Moffat County Partners both non-profit organizations with goals of assisting low-income or at-risk youth.

Dinosaur subdivisions approved

Monument superintendent calls plan a 'bad idea'

The Moffat County commissioners unanimously approved final plats for the Mantle Ranch and Red Rock Ranch subdivision last week in spite of protests from Dinosaur National Monument staff.

Agencies to crack down on illegal use of fireworks during holiday

As the Fourth of July nears, local officials are again encouraging area residents to heed the warnings of the current fire ban, which prohibits the discharge of fireworks.

Bring back spring

The official start of summer is about a week and a half removed, which means for children the pool is the perfect temperature, for teenagers the tan is reaching its prime and for adults work gets harder to sit through if it's an inside job and harder to stay standing at if one works outside.