Woman attacks police

Officers scratched and kicked after responding to call


A Craig women was arrested for attacking three police officers after she attempted to file a report that her child had been sexually abused.

Two police officers initially responded to the residence of Angelic Holmquist, 31, at 421 Russell St. Sunday morning after Holmquist called the Craig Police Department and claimed she had proof her child have been sexually assaulted.

Once officers arrived and began talking with Holmquist, the officers began to have suspicions that Holmquist was under the influence of drugs.

"As soon as they arrived, there were some obvious problems with [Holmquist's] story, and herself," Craig Police Sergeant Bill Leonard said. "She was acting very strange she was fidgety, and just rattled off all this stuff about what had supposedly happened.

"She showed pictures to the officers that were supposed to be proof that her child had been sexually assaulted, but she was taking them out of a family photo album," he said. "The pictures were of people on a picnic, and things like that.

"We believe she was high on methamphetamine, but don't know for sure what she was on yet."

Craig Police Officers Bryan Gonzalez and Travis Young called for assistance as they attempted to calm Holmquist down.

Craig Police Sergeant Corey Wagner was the first to respond, and when the three officers tried to talk to Holmquist, she grabbed Young.

When Gonzalez and Wagner made an attempt to restrain Holmquist, she kicked Gonzalez in the stomach, and scratched Young's hand.

Once the officers had Holmquist in the car, she continued to struggle, damaging the police cruiser.

Holmquist was arrested on charges of second degree assault/assaulting and officer, criminal mischief and unlawful use of a controlled substance.

During Holmquist's transfer from the police vehicle to the jail, she again attacked the officers, grabbing Wagner "in the lower extremities" and running out of the sally port onto First Street, according to Leonard.

Holmquist briefly escaped from the jail, and the three police officers and a Moffat County Sheriff's deputy chased down and subdued Holmquist, before she was placed in a cell.

"Anyone around the jail that morning got an eyeful. She seems to have been running down First Street with her pants down around her ankles," said Lt. Dean Herndon of the Moffat County Sheriff's Office.

A Craig Mental Health representative tried to interview Holmquist after she was secured in the jail, but Holmquist would only curse at her.

The incident is being reviewed to prevent future attempted escapes during the transfer from a law enforcement vehicle to the jail.

Any changes needed in that process will be made immediately, Herndon said.

Holmquist is due in court for an advisement hearing this afternoon. According to Herndon, additional charges will probably be filed against Holmquist in connection with her attempted escape.

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