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Workman's compensation system needs overhaul


Workman's compensation system needs overhaul

To the Editor:

Aug. 7, 1997, was another day at work, but little did I know that it would be the first day of hell for me. I sustained a severe back injury that eventually left me disabled. The reason being Colorado's workman's comp system failed me as it has done to thousands of other injured workers in Colorado.

The insurance company, along with their well-paid company doctors proceeded to hurry me through the system with very little medical treatment, telling me they had to bring me to M.M.I. (Maximum Medical Improvement) very soon. So I was in worse condition than when I started. I am now on social security receiving a whopping $608 a month.

If this sounds like a horror story to you, I agree.

The sad part of all of this is that after two years, I finally found a neuro-physiologist that knew what my problem was, and said that if she had been able to treat me right after the injury, I would probably have been back to work in a month. As it turned out, she was able to bring me back to about 40 percent of normal.

Let's get to the root of the problem. The lawmakers in Colorado are pro insurance and do not give a damn about the injured worker. I am talking about the back pocket politicians. They are driven by arrogance, greed, and insurance companies feed that drive with campaign contributions.

That being said, I must say that I did find one politician, Rep. Gregg Rippy, who was willing to listen, and undoubtedly cares enough that he met with me in person to discuss the problems with Colorado's workman's comp system. It is too bad that very few politicians care enough to do what Mr. Rippy did.

So, what we end up with is two victims, the injured worker that never gets proper medical care and the employer that at its best does not work.

I say it is time for drastic changes of the workman's comp system. Just how rich do insurance companies need to be?

Bill Rhodes,

Meeker, Colo.

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