Expulsions will stand for students

Moffat County Board of Education executive session results in no change for accused teenagers


The expulsions will stand for three Moffat County High School students charged with plotting to bomb MCHS and the Moffat County Courthouse last month.

At Monday afternoon's Moffat County Board of Education meeting, the agenda allotted time for one of the three students, Stephen Jackman, 17, to appeal his expulsion.

Neither Jackman nor anyone in his family attended the meeting.

Despite his absence, the Board of Education convened to executive session to discuss the expulsions.

"No decision was made," Interim-Superintendent Pete Bergmann said, regarding the closed session. "The executive session was to inform the board of the decision to expel the students."

Bergmann made the decision Jan. 16 to expel Jackman for the remainder of the school year.

Tony Jacob, 16, and Tom Elam, 14 have been expelled for a calendar year.

The purpose of Monday afternoon's executive session was to discuss the decision with the board, Bergmann said.

"Since there was no hearing there was no need for a motion," Bergmann said. "The executive session was to inform and review the decision with the board."

Later in the afternoon meeting and into the night session, principals from each school in the district gave building security updates to the board.

Many of the security measures were already in place before the occurrence at MCHS, while other security has been tightened since the incidents.

Principals at the elementary schools said their schools have been concentrating on making people sign in when they come into the school buildings.

Every school reported that they were giving updates to staff on security provisions in place at each school.

Every school presented an update on what doors needed to be locked at different times of the day.

MCHS principal Jane Krogman cited several recent changes in school security including:

Custodians unlocking the building at 7 a.m. instead of 5 a.m.

Custodians locking the doors at 4:30 p.m. and opening them later for evening activities. Previously they kept them unlocked the entire day

Changing door combinations

Advertising the addition of a custodial position that includes a major responsibility in regard to security issues

She also cited considerations being made including:

Adding more security cameras

Increasing computer security and tracking methods

Developing a more organized plan for the use of the MCHS building, because of it being the most used building in the district.

"We're trying to find a balance between wide-open community use of the high school building and no use at all," Bergmann said.

In other business Monday night, the board:

Approved a policy regarding staff use of district technology

Approved a policy regarding use of electronic mail

Selected board members Jerry Magas and John Wellman as representatives for the team that will discuss salary increases and other financial issues with school staff.

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