Web site offers help with ACTs

Students can find help on Internet preparing for college entrance exams


Juniors at Moffat County High School are preparing to take the ACT college admissions exam April 23.

If they're beginning to feel nervous about the test, help will be available via the World Wide Web on Feb. 5. when they can log onto www.TeenLearningNetwork.com for a chatroom discussion with a spokesperson from ACT.

"Whatever questions students might have they can ask," said Kristin Crouse, a spokesperson with ACT Media Relations. "If they don't want to ask questions they can just watch, but it's a good opportunity to ask a source."

The question and answer session is free.

The ACT test, taken by high school juniors in Colorado, is used in admissions at most colleges and universities in the United States.

The ACT assessment test measures students' academic achievement in four areas: English, reading, mathematics and science.

In Colorado, the ACT test now serves as the junior CSAP test.

CSAP tests are mandatory assessment tests given to students at all grade levels in Colorado.

All juniors are required to take the test on April 23, said Sandie Johns, counselor at Moffat County High School, but up to 40 percent of students will choose to take the test two or three times.

Six dates are available to take the exam.

Johns said she will soon be addressing juniors at MCHS about preparing for the exam.

"I will meet with all juniors prior to the test to provide tips on taking the test," she said. "They should all pick up a practice book and take the test at home beforehand."

But the preparation process should have began when students first began as high school freshmen.

"The best preparation is to have already taken the right course work," Johns said.

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