Lost dog proves happy endings do happen


To the Editor:
On Sept. 4, the Craig Animal Shelter received a report from visitors to our town that they had lost their dog while staying in a local motel. There were no sightings of this dog until three or four weeks ago, but she would not let anyone get close to her.
She began staying in one area where the neighbors were putting out food and water for her. On Jan. 15, we finally caught her by setting a live trap in the area where she was being fed.
After we had her safe at the shelter, we e-mailed a picture of her to the owners who live four hours away from Craig. She turned out to be their dog. The father and his two daughters left their home immediately and drove at night through a blinding snowstorm to be reunited with their dog.
Through the kindness of people who took the time to report seeing her and the neighbors who fed her, we were able to get them back together again. So, don't give up hope, happy endings do happen.
Amy Andrews and Walt Vanatta,
Craig Police Department

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