Cougars win one at Colorado Cup


Despite winning only one game, Cougars coach Josh Magnuson believes his team achieved what they wanted to at the Colorado Cup.

The Cougars, a virtually unknown team entering the weekend-long Colorado Cup in Colorado Springs, tied the number one team in the tournament the Class AAA Greyhounds from Houston, Texas.

The Cougars had the game locked at 1-0, but a sloppy pass by a Cougars defender sent the puck into his own net, tying the game at 1-1 and knocking the Greyhounds out of contention.

The game was exactly what Magnuson was looking for from the Cougars the team's ability to hold their own against another cup team.

"After we tied the Greyhounds, their coaches were so upset they could barely shake our hands," Magnuson said. "We went into this tournament looking to skate, and to keep up with the teams that entered, and I feel we did that."

The Cougars, who are consider a recreational club team and one of the smallest class teams in attendance, went home with an admirable 1-2-1 record.

The opposing teams in attendance were mainly composed of Class AA and AAA team.

"Most of the time, even if it is supposed to be a AA tournament a bunch of larger AAA squads will show up," Magnuson said. "It was alright, we didn't beat any AAA teams, but we were able to skate with them.

Magnuson said showing the larger classes of Colorado hockey, and his own players that the Cougars can hang in with the big time hockey teams, is exactly why they entered the cup.

And, Magnuson's players reached a certain level of achievement despite being disappointed that they didn't win more games.

"We went into the tournament looking to win the thing, if we could," Gorham said. "Even though I wished we had won more games, I'm pleased with how our team played."

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