Commissioners reviewing new public works position

New position would oversee and coordinate four departments


Moffat County is researching job descriptions and job advertisements in anticipation of hiring a Public Works Director.

The new position would be responsible for overseeing and coordinating the Moffat County Road and Bridge, Maintenance, Parks and Landfill departments.

All other county departments will be overseen by Administrative Services.

The research is being conducted by Human Resources Director Tom Skelding, and will look at similar positions in other counties in Northwest Colorado.

"Depending on the responses I get, I don't know how quickly I'll find the information required," Skelding said. "I need to get closer to the target before I know what the description and advertisement will look like."

The county could be ready to advertise for the position by early March, according to Moffat County Commissioner Marianna Raftopoulos.

"The position will oversee those departments to add more structure and to improve operation," Raftopoulos said. "We see this as a necessary and appropriate position. The organization of the county has more complexity than before.

"This position would oversee these departments day-in and day-out, where the commissioners can only occasionally check-in on these departments," she said. "There are efficiencies that can be found such as sharing staff between the landfill and Parks and Rec.

"It's difficult to have effective government without oversight."

The county will advertise the position publicly, but could hire for the new position from within.

The position has already been slotted into the county's new compensation structure, Raftopoulos said.

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