Narcotics officers dismissed

GRAMNET officers dismissed for allegedly stealing seized money


Two GRAMNET officers are under investigation for allegedly stealing drug money recovered during a sting operation.

The two men have been dismissed from both the Grand, Routt and Moffat Narcotics Enforcement Team and the Routt and Grand County Sheriff's Offices.

The two officers are suspects in the disappearance of approximately $200 that was seized from drug dealers.

According to Craig Police Chief Walt Vanatta, other GRAMNET officers reported the discrepancy.

The amount of money collected at the scene failed to correspond with the amount of money later entered into the GRAMNET evidence room.

The two officers are being investigated for falsification of reports and falsification of affidavits. The case is being handled by an independent prosecutor from the Fifth Judicial District.

The problem arose because basic police procedures were not being followed, according to Moffat County Sheriff Buddy Grinstead.

"Because they've had to work shorthanded, GRAMNET officers haven't followed some basic police procedures," Grinstead said. "With the verification process at a scene, for example, I would count the money with another officer present, and then he would count the money while I was present.

"That needs to be done, and those procedures have now been put in place for GRAMNET."

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