Local AARP may close doors


Lack of participation will be the hot topic of discussion at the local chapter of AARP's business meeting next week.

Chapter 1418 of AARP will meet at 2 p.m., Jan. 28 in the dining room at Sunset Meadows I to discuss whether to keep the chapter alive.

AARP, whose motto is "To serve and not to be served," is a national community service oriented group that caters to citizens who are 55 years of age or older. Members become involved with various community service projects, get the benefits of insurance and investment options tailored to meet the needs of senior citizens and have the opportunity to meet monthly with other members to participate in activities, listen to music and share life experiences.

"It really boils down to the fact that we need some young blood," said AARP secretary Beulah Kline. "We need new members who want to be involved, and we need the participation of current members."

The local chapter of AARP, which has been in existence in Moffat County for more than 28 years, has had as many as 100 members. There are currently about 35 members according to Kline.

Members of the community who are interested are encouraged to attend the meeting.

Attendees are encouraged to bring snacks or finger food to be shared with the group. Those individuals interested in joining the local chapter must hold a current national membership card and be at least 55 years old. Local dues are $1 per year.

For more information, or to join AARP, contact Beulah Kline at 824-6495.

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