County Commissioners will reorganize board

Dickinson may be named new chairperson; committee, department assignments to be reviewed at Monday's meeting


Moffat County Commissioner Marianna Raftopoulos is expected to step down as chairperson on Monday when the board of commissioners undergoes its annual reorganization.

"T. Wright [Dickinson] will probably become the chairman," Raftopoulos said. "We will decide everything on Monday."

Along with the appointment of a new chairperson, department ex-officio designations, membership of committees and community board assignments will be reviewed and possibly reassigned.

"When we reorganize, we will review who's on certain community boards or groups, or the ex-officio for a department. It's an opportunity to appoint or re-appoint commissioners to these assignments," Raftopoulos said. "Usually, what a commissioner is assigned will stay the same you need to have the necessary knowledge for a board. If you've worked with certain groups for a time, you'll usually stay with them."

The meeting will begin at 8:30 a.m. at the Courthouse.

The board also will:

Hold an office space workshop to review proposals and options for reorganizing the county departments housed in the Courthouse, the courthouse annex and at 539 Barclay St.

Review a supplemental budget proposal with Administrative Services Director Debra Murray.

Receive a planning department update from Planning Director Sue Graler.

Discuss the county lease with Empire Energy with Empire representative Rick Mills. The Empire Mine's parent company is exploring removing certain equipment from the idle mine, while leaving other equipment and materials unattended. The discussion will include questions on liability issues and environmental impacts.

Hold a luncheon workshop with Human Resource Director Tom Skelding to discuss a public works position for the county.

Receive a report from the Colorado State University Cooperative Extension Office.

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