City offers billing option

City services can now be paid for with credit cards


Customers of the City of Craig will have a new option when it comes to paying their bills, as the city will now be accepting credit cards as payment for all city services.

"We figured that it would be a good option for city customers, especially in providing a more convenient way to pay their bills," Craig Finance Director Bruce Nelson said. "We were able to piggyback off the state, who switched so they could do the same thing with their bills. I think it is going to work out good for the people of Craig."

Previously, customers were able to make payments at drop boxes in the City Hall parking lot, and at City Market. They were also able to have the funds automatically debited from the bank, accounts.

"This was the next logical step in the process," Nelson said. "We got the system set up last week and we are ready for people to begin paying their bills this way."

According to Craig City Clerk Shirley Seeley, the credit card system is something that a number of customers have been requesting in recent years.

"The girls who work the counter kept telling me that they had a number of requests from people about developing this method of payment," Seeley said. "I also think that it may help some people who have delinquent bills, because it will make it more convenient for people if they have the credit available."

The city will incur a small processing fee by assuming this new system, however, Nelson said that is a cost assumed by most businesses who accept credit cards. On a $50 bill, the city will pay anywhere from an 89 cent to $1.40 charge for the service.

"That's the cost of doing business," he said. "Most private businesses also accept the charge as a convenience to their customers, so we figured we should do the same."

The city was able to acquire the system after piggybacking off the state of Colorado's contract, who left the same option open to all political subdivisions in the state.

"It should work out," Nelson said. "We are looking forward to seeing how people respond to this new option."

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