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Donations now being accepted for senior bus


Donations now being accepted for senior bus
To the Editor:
Our Moffat County senior citizen bus was purchased in 1997 through donations from many community organizations and the Moffat County Commissioners.
Since that time, the "Golden Age Chariot," as it is affectionately known, has proven to be a huge success and a heavily used service that has been provided free of charge to the senior citizens of Moffat County. The bus provides a vital transportation link for seniors in their daily lives to important services that they need. In fact, did you know the "Golden Age Chariot" provided 11,847 rides and trips in 2001? WOW!
Unfortunately, the costs of providing this service over the years have continued to rise Items such as maintenance, gas, oil, tires and insurance have all shown increases. Additionally, the "Golden Age Chariot" is not getting any younger, and the day will come when we will need to replace her. A new bus has raised in price to somewhere around $60,000.
In order to continue this critical service to the senior citizens of Moffat County, we will be in pursuit of funds in the form of fund-raising, grants and donations in 2002. Some of the grants we will be applying for require us to have a donation box on the bus so riders may donate if they wish.
The donation box that will be located on the senior bus is placed there for your donations, however, it is important to note the donations are strictly voluntary and not required for you to be able to ride the bus.
If you should have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
Keith Antonson, Executive Director of the Moffat County Housing Authority

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