The Memorial Hospital receives new mini-cam

New device will be mobile, allowing for extremity examinations throughout hospital without transporting patients


Daily Press writer
The Memorial Hospital recently purchased a Mini C-arm for its orthopedic surgery program.
The new device, priced at $61,000, is a miniature x-ray machine that will be used to take pictures of extremities such as hands and feet.
Prior to the purchase of the Mini C-arm, the hospital's x-ray machine was used by staff to take the pictures, but the C-arm is considerably smaller than an x-ray machine.
So small, that it can be wheeled around from room to room in the hospital.
Dale Bergstrom, director of surgical services at TMH, said an advantage of the Mini C-arm is that doctors can control all of its functions from the surgical field.
"You don't have to have radiology personnel present to use it," he said. "The doctor can do it himself."
The machine is useful for photographing extremities and small bone surgery, and will be utilized by Michael Sisk, M.D. and Andreas M. Sauerbrey, M.D. two orthopedic surgeons from Steamboat Springs.
The two surgeons will rotate traveling to Craig and will each be at TMH two days a week, providing the hospital with four days of coverage per week.
The new C-arm provides many features to assist the doctor's in their practice, Bergstrom said.
"It can store up to 400 images and you can scroll back through each of those images," he said.
The new machine has one additional advantage that separates it from the traditional equipment used for taking x-rays at TMH.
"Compared to the standard C-arm, there is just a fraction of the amount of radiation omitted," Bergstrom said.
"It's a very exciting addition to the equipment we have here."

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