Felony charges filed for paintball attacks

Three teens who attacked children, livestock due in court Jan. 18


Daily Press writer
The Moffat County District Attorney's Office filed felony and misdemeanor charges against Robert Gene Wilson, 16, Benjamin Luke Bennett, 16, and Christopher Gene James, 16, in connection with paintball attacks on children and livestock in Craig last week.
Each youth is charged with felony second-degree assault with a deadly weapon, felony stalking, and cruelty to animals, a class 1 misdemeanor.
The three 16 year olds were arrested by Craig Police officers Tuesday for a series of paintball attacks. In one of the attacks, Wilson, Bennett and James allegedly attacked two 10 year olds with paintball guns at the Cathy Cisar sledding area shooting one of the 10 year olds in the face twice, causing bruising and swelling.
A witness also reported that three youths fired at horses in a pasture near 13th Street and Bryan Way. Another witness reported that their child was attacked three separate times by Wilson, Bennett and James.
When taken into custody, the police discovered a video camera the three teens had used to record their attacks.
In the investigation that followed, the police discovered that the three youths have apparently been involved with several incidents of paintball attacks on people, animals, homes and cars during the past several weeks. Since their arrest, several more reports have been filed with the police department in connection with paintball attacks on property.
Wilson, Bennett and James are due in court on Jan. 18 for an advisory hearing.

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