MCHS receives second bomb threat

Dispatchers alerted to possible threat on Sunday morning


Daily Press writer
Dispatchers at the Moffat County Public Safety Center received a bomb threat Sunday targeting the Moffat County High School.
This is the second bomb threat to the high school in a month. School officials and the Craig Police Department conducted a second search of the building, and no devices were found, according to Craig Police Sgt. Bill Leonard.
"A male indicated there was a bomb in the Moffat County High School that was going to go off this morning," he said. "We'd already done a search after the first incident, but we did a second search and nothing was found."
The bomb threat, received from a phone call traced to Routt County, is still under investigation.
"Through phone tracking, it appears [the bomb threat] came from Routt County," Leonard said. "We're trying to narrow that down."
On Dec. 21, three MCHS students were arrested for allegedly planning to bomb the high school and the Moffat County Courthouse. Tony Jacob, 16, Tommy Elam, 15, and Stephen Jackman, 17, have been charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and participation in terrorist training activities. Jacob was also charged with felony stalking. The three students are being held at the Grand Mesa Youth Services Center, and were due in court today for an advisory hearing.
"Unfortunately, there usually are problems following [an incident like the first bomb threat]," Leonard said. "Look at what happened after Columbine, and the copycat stuff that came out of that. This call could be a copycat, or it could friends of the kids who were arrested, or it could be someone looking for their own headline.
"We have to take every call as seriously as the first one. You just don't know. The person who did this will be facing serious charges for what was probably a prank phone call."
In addition to the school resource officers on duty, the Craig Police will be conducting extra patrols of all the Craig schools. The extra patrols are scheduled indefinitely, Leonard said.
Interim-Superintendent Pete Bergmann wanted to reassure students and parents that the school is safe, and an in-depth search was conducted of the school yesterday.
"We took precautionary actions and we continue to believe the school is safe and secure," he said. "We sincerely hope these are pranks and continue to respond to them as we deem most appropriate to ensure safety without escalating concern.
When interviewed Monday morning, Bergmann had just left a meeting with Moffat County administrators regarding how to inform staff and students about the bomb threats that have occurred, and discuss safety measures that are in place.
"Our goal is to de-escalate the situation, share good information and get back on track," he said.

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