Board offers Bergmann superintendent job

Longtime Craig educator says chances are 'excellent' of accepting permanent position


Interim superintendent Pete Bergmann has been offered the permanent position as Superintendent of the Moffat County School District.

A special Moffat Coun-ty Board of Education meeting was held Thurs-day night to interview Bergmann.

Bergmann said he hoped the interview would be his last.

"Five years from now I'd like to be superintendent of the Moffat County School District," he said when asked by board member Rod Durham what he hopes to be doing in five years. "Hopefully this will be the last job interview that I have to do."

The meeting was held at 7 p.m. in the Moffat County School Administration Building. All board members were present except for John Kinkaid.

Sixteen school district em-ployees were present in the audience.

Each board member took turns asking Bergmann questions during the hour long interview.

At the conclusion of the interview, the board convened to executive session to discuss the interview at which time the decision was made to offer Bergmann the job.

Board President Phil Hastings said the board discussed hiring Bergmann for more than an hour before a motion was made.

"Steve Hafey made a motion that we offer Pete Bergmann the job," he said. "It was seconded then approved unanimously."

The original timeline for the superintendent search was supposed to go into April, when candidates were to be brought in for interviews. But Hastings said the board didn't think it was necessary because the best candidate is already in the district.

"He has a lot of positive qualities. He's been in Moffat County for a long time," he said. "He's an individual the board felt it could work with. He has integrity, honesty and all of the characteristics we were looking for in a superintendent."

Hastings said he the board did not see a reason to prolong the search.

"Speaking for myself, I thought we had a lot of good applicants, but most didn't have any more experience than Pete Bergmann," he said. "None of the applications indicated to me that we could get better than we already had."

In an earlier discussion about the search, it was mentioned that the average length of stay for a superintendent in a district is approximately two years.

"We're looking for a lot more than that. Actually, we would like to have four or five times more than that," Hastings said. "The key to good administration is establishing a long term relationship."

Hastings called Bergmann at home Thursday night to tell him he had been offered the position.

Bergmann said he was surprised at how quickly the board acted, but happy they did.

"I didn't anticipated the board would move as quickly as they did, but I'm happy they did," Bergmann said. "This will give us plenty of time to build an administrative team for next year."

The next step in the process is board members Hastings and Gary Ellgen will sit down to negotiate a contract with Bergmann.

Colorado law states that the position cannot be officially announced until 14 days after the job has been offered.

If the contract negotiation goes well and he accepts, Bergmann will likely be formally announced superintendent at the board of education meeting at the end of March.

"The likelihood of me accepting is excellent," Bergmann said. "I'm honored to be selected as head of the district. It is a district with great schools in a great community. I'm looking forward to serving as superintendent."

Bergmann has been with the Moffat County School District for 25 years and admitted that when he first came here, he never thought he would be one day be superintendent.

"When I first came here I thought I would be in Moffat County for one or two years," he said. "But the school system in this community grows on you because it is such a strong system."

The district Bergmann has been offered the job to head consists of eight schools and approximately 2,500 students. It has an annual operating budget of $16 million.

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