Grinstead announces Sheriff re-election bid

Moffat County Sheriff announces candidacy bid


Buddy Grinstead wants to come back for another four years.

Grinstead will again campaign for the position of Moffat County Sheriff in this November's election.

Grinstead made the announcement with the blessing of his family, which he said was the first constituency he checked with.

"I've talked with my family because the last election was definitely a tumultuous one. It was hard on me and my family but they've given me their support," he said. "The most important thing was the support of my family. They want me to run, as well as numerous friends and community members."

Grinstead is entering the final year of his first term as Moffat County Sheriff.

He counts the completion and operation of the Moffat County Public Safety Center, and the implementation of programs like Ranch Watch, Senior Watch, and inmate labor, as the high points of his tenure to date.

"It's hard to believe almost four years have gone by," Grinstead said. "When I became sheriff, the Public Safety Center plan was already in motion. I never dreamed it would be as much of a commitment as it turned out to be. I'm excited now that the project is finished, and I'm excited about the final product we came out with."

The Ranch Watch program is an effort by the MCSO to "be more familiar to residents", utilizing more patrols by snowmobile and ATVs in remote subdivision. It helps enforce 'no trespassing' designations, and places more signs with contact information in communities that fall within the jurisdiction of the MCSO.

According to Grinstead, holding dinners with the senior citizens form the base of the Senior Watch Program. The events allow information about frauds and scams to be passed on to seniors, who are the largest target of these types of crimes.

Grinstead is also a proponent of using inmate labor for non-profit community projects, such as cleaning efforts and the work done on the Loudy-Simpson Ice Rink.

"During the summer, lots of people can see our inmates cleaning up the highways," he said. "My perspective is that the inmates would rather be outside, and it's an advantage to the community by keeping the areas clean."

If elected, Grinstead said he looks forward to continuing the successful operation and enhancement of the PSC.

He also would like to continue improving officer and Sheriff's Posse skills and equipment, and continue working with the community on bullying in schools, mental health, and drug and alcohol abuse.

"'Community' is an easy word to say, but until I took this position, I didn't realize how large and vast our community was," he said. "There are a myriad of issues to be dealt with, and I look forward to working with groups and organizations to keep working on those problems, and keeping that momentum up."

How to deal with the growing problem and population of illegal immigrants is another major issue facing Moffat County.

"It's staggering when you look at the projections of what the illegal population will be in 10, 15 and 20 years," he said. "You can't get rid of them all, and we need to work with them. We as a community need to realize that the illegal population will continue to grow.

"I think we should have programs that can tell these populations what our laws and expectations are, and listen to some of their concerns while trying to educate them about our laws," he said. "Since we are a bedroom community to Steamboat, we will experience an illegal population boom because of the employment opportunities in Steamboat."

Citizenship would be one of the ultimate goals of such an effort, but moving the process that far would not be the responsibility of the Sheriff's Office, Grinstead said.

"It's truly been an educational experience to be Sheriff," he said. "It's one I've been honored to do, and been humbled by. I still respect the position. At the same time, I'll say the same thing I did last [election]: I'm not a politician, I'm a law enforcement officer. I look forward to being able to serve as Sheriff for the next four years."

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