Local E. coli source still unknown


The Colorado Department of Health and Environment still has no information on how a 6-year-old Moffat County boy might have contracted E. coli.

The department acquired distribution lists from ConAgra last Thursday on where infected meat was distributed throughout the state.

"The consumer protection department is still working diligently to decipher distribution lists," said Lori Maldonado, spokesperson for the department. "I don't know when they will know."

The department released a statement last Wednesday saying a Moffat County boy had been diagnosed with E. coli but no details were provided on how and where the boy might have contracted the illness.

The Moffat County boy was the 22nd case in a recent E. coli outbreak in Colorado.

One month ago it was found that the outbreak of E. coli was directly linked to ground beef purchased from Colorado Safeway stores.

But local Safeway store manager, Chuck Sadvar said no records at the Craig Safeway indicate that it received any ConAgra beef.

E. coli can cause bloody diarrhea and intense abdominal cramps. Some individuals may develop Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome, which usually requires hospitalization. Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable, officials have said.

Where the Moffat County boy was treated has not been released, but he was not treated at The Memorial Hospital, officials have said.

For more information on E. coli, people can call the state Department of Public Health at (303) 692-2700.

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