City Council to review cable franchise


The Craig City Council will make a decision Tuesday night that will decide whether residents are writing checks to AT&T Broadband or Bresnan Communications, the company that is buying all AT&T service areas in two states and rural Colorado.

The city earns a percent of the local cable company's revenues, and is in the position to determine whether the sale is in the best interests of area residents.

AT&T is in the process of selling cable television systems serving about 320,000 customers to Bresnan for $735 million.

The deal is expected to be completed by September. Until that time,Bresnan isn't releasing any information on rates or what channels will be offered.

"When they take over, we'll do some press releases on what will happen," Craig's AT&T Broadband General Manager Tom Cotton said. "There's nothing more that I can say because it's all speculative.

Bresnan is working on the purchase of nearly 40 systems all of the cable franchises in Wyoming and Montana and those in rural Colorado, excluding the resort markets.

"Our long-term goal is to operate cable systems clustered in major metropolitan markets," said Bill Schleyer, president of AT&T Broadband. "Bresnan will do a terrific job managing these systems, so this transaction will prove good for customers and employees of the systems."

According to Cotton, AT&T has had its rural markets for sale since it merged with Comcast.

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