Goliath Project makes stop in Chocolate Town


Editor's note: A Craig family started a trek called the Goliath Project in which they will travel across the country to pray in 24 eastern states. The Craig Daily Press publishes weekly articles from the Haynes family as they progress on their journey.

Greetings from the sweetest place on earth yes, you guessed it we are in Hershey, Pa.

We have learned more about chocolate today than we ever thought possible. It has been just a fun day for us. At Chocolate World there is a ride that is a tour of how things are done in the factory. We learned a lot on that ride and the best part was the end when we got to sample! Hershey is a fun place the streetlights are shaped like chocolate kisses.

This past week has been a good one for us. After we left Washington D.C., we drove to Dover, Delaware. Delaware, we discovered, is not a very large state.

Dover is in the center of the state and it took us less than half an hour to reach it after we got to Delaware. In fact there are only three counties in the state.

Delaware was the first state to ratify the Constitution. One of our kids commented that since they were the first state they should have been allowed to have more land!

We drove to Macungie, Pa. for the weekend where we spent a few days with Brian's college roommate and his family. The kids were excited to get the opportunity to play with kids close to their age. Most of the time there found the kids on the trampoline. We did take a day to drive to Philadelphia. We did find out that if you miss your turn to go downtown, it could take awhile to correct that mistake (right Ray?). We also learned that you should pay closer attention to where exactly you park the car let's just say we got to know the parking garage very well. In between our two getting-lost times, we enjoyed seeing some of the things in the city. We got a chance to see the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and Betsy Ross' house.

We would have liked to do more, but time ran out on us. The lines through security took a long time.

Everywhere we go we are constantly reminded that 9/11 has really changed our country. However, we felt that the time in line was worth it. We just really feel as though we are learning so much about our nation's beginnings.

Our prayer day in Pennsylvania was yesterday in Harrisburg. The capitol is beautiful inside. There are so many murals and sayings all over inside. Many of the sayings had references to God. The Supreme Court chambers had the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes up inside them. We felt this was a good reminder that our country was founded on God's principles. While we were at the capitol there was a rally going on. It was for Victims of Violent Crimes and it was a very sobering thing to attend. So many people there were hurting, many of them carried pictures of children that were murdered. We were unable to stay for the whole thing, but were deeply moved by the little bit we saw.

Since entering Pennsylvania we have seen many Amish buggies. In fact, we stayed near Lancaster, which has a large population of Amish people. This has raised many questions for all of us, so we visited a place called the People's Place, which explained much of the Amish beliefs to us.

Through this experience we gained a new appreciation for these people, even though there are still many questions we have.

The Amish people don't let the world influence them; they live very simple lives. We don't think we need to become Amish; however there are things we can learn from them. We tend to get so busy in our lives that we forget what really is important faith and family. If only we could slow down the pace of lives just enough that we could learn to enjoy our families.

As we move into our last month of praying we are thankful for this opportunity but also reminded that prayer must continue to remain a priority for all of us.

We are living in perilous and uncertain times. One thing is for certain: God is faithful and He does answer prayer. As we pray we continue to ask God to move in this land.

We ask that He will pour out His Holy Spirit and reach to the hearts of people. We pray for Him to grant the hope and healing that this country so desperately needs.

May 2, next Thursday is the National Day of Prayer. We would urge you to take time to stop and pray. Remember what 2 chronicles 7:14 says:

"If my people, which are called by my name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

Oh, how we need to hear from Heaven! Oh how we ask God to forgive our sins and heal our land!

This week we travel on to New Jersey and New York City. We are looking forward to the opportunity to pray at and around the area of ground zero.

Until next week,

Trusting Him,

The Haynes Five

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