What it takes to be a coach


There's more than just "x"s and "o"s in coaching.

The responsibilities of a head coach extends further than just setting up weekly game plans and is done for the love of the game instead of love of money.

According to Moffat County High School athletic director, Jim Loughran, a head coach is involved in every facet of his or her sport.

If equipment needs to be replaced or reordered it's the head coach's job. If a trip needs to be planed it's the head coach who does it. If an assistant coach needs to be replaced, once again it fall on the broad shoulders of the head coach.

It doesn't stop with the immediate team, Loughran said.

"A head coach also has to be concerned with what his or her feeder programs are doing," he said. "The head coach has to make sure everyone is on the same page."

Being a head high school coach is a labor of love because it certainly isn't about the pay.

A head coach makes a percentage of their base pay as a teacher to run a sport. In Moffat County it averages around 14 to 15 percent of that base pay, which works out to be only a few thousand dollars.

"Coaches don't make what they're worth," Loughran said.

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