School should change focus of education


To the Editor:
While attending the Health Fair April 13 at the local grade school, one could not help but notice several little essays done by the children, placed facing forward, apparently for our enlightenment. They were regarding all the evils we humans do to the planet. Especially us Americans (my comment).
Certainly, no one wants dirty water, but on other subjects such as global warming, theories abound on both sides of the issues.
Is this being taught as the theory it is?
Given the state of education in our country, my thought was that instead of indoctrinating the kids to be good little members of the Sierra Club, the time would be better spent on math, English and the sciences. Then, certainly, out children will be more able to figure out what is or is not going on for themselves.
Isn't that what education is supposed to be about?
Dale Morgan,

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