The Goliath Project reaches Washington, D.C.


Editor's note: A Craig family started a trek called the Goliath Project in which they will travel across the country to pray in 24 eastern states. The Craig Daily Press publishes weekly articles from the Haynes family as they progress on their journey.

Our past week has been a good week and a very active week. In fact, we have decided that the theme for this week is walking. Every day has involved lots of walking. First we endure Washington, D.C. traffic and also the Metrorail and then we walk.

Our first night here we drove around the city just looking at the monuments all lit up. It was quite a spectacular sight.

Brian is the only one of us who has ever been here, so we were very excited at our first glimpse of the Washington monument, and then the Lincoln memorial and the capitol. It left us all very excited to get out and explore the city.

Before we explored any more of D.C. we needed to venture to Annapolis, Md., for our prayer day there.

Our best description of this city is that it is very quaint. Everything about it really impressed us.

The capitol was begun in 1772 and it is the place where George Washington resigned his commission so he could become president.

It just continues to amaze us the history we are experiencing at each of the places we visit. Since the Annapolis area is pretty compact we spent our time after we prayed walking around and exploring the city.

It is located on the Chesapeake Bay, so we were able to visit the waterfront.

The houses and streets in this town make you feel as though you've stepped back in time.

The tour guides here were even dressed up in period clothing and there were lots of tour groups all over the city. An added bonus to us was to get to visit the Naval Academy.

The visitor center there is very well done, we learned a lot just from our time in there. Before leaving we strolled over to the chapel, it is beautiful inside.

It was a very appropriate place for us to stop and remember in prayer our military around the world.

After our time in Maryland, it was time to conquer Washington, D.C.

This is no easy thing to do. There is so much to do and so much to see.

We took two days to go through some of the Smithsonian museums. Even with two days we were only able to visit three of them and we still didn't see everything in those three.

These museums are so well done, we learned so much at them.

The three we went to were the Air and Space Museum, the Museum of American History and the Postal Museum.

We felt like the Postal Museum was a nice surprise and we all enjoyed that one the most.

It's not real big and not a lot of people visit there, so we just took our time and saw everything in this one.

Sunday started out with attending a local church service and this service was one of our most unique so far, very contemporary.

The theme for the week was Batman and Robin yes you read that correctly the Dynamic Duo. Now you may be wondering just how that ties into the Bible. Well, let me share with you the main point of the message. Just as Batman took Robin under his wing and taught him how to be a superhero, we as Christians need to take each other under our care and be a mentor to them. We need to be teaching the next generation, not looking down on them because they are young, but teaching them.

The flip side of this is that we who are young need to respect and look up to those who have gone before us.

Discipleship is so important to the health of the individual and the health of the church.

After church we headed to Arlington National Cemetery where we saw JFK's gravesite and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

We were there in time to see the changing of the guard. That is quite a ceremony. Caleb did decide that maybe he didn't want to be in the service because they don't get to smile very much.

We also were able to visit the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

April 15 was our prayer day in D.C. and we started the day out with a tour of the capitol.

We contacted Senator Nighthorse Campbell's office to get a staff-led tour.

Security here was unlike any we've seen thus far on the trip. Just to get in the Senate office building was a feat for us.

Brian was carrying an envelope with certificate we had prepared for our Senator and they would not allow him in the building with that envelope. Nor would they allow him to open it to show them what was inside. He had to go outside and throw the envelope away; he was able to keep the contents, just not the envelope.

This was our first clue that they take security very seriously around the capitol.

Because of the added security we weren't allowed in very many rooms of the capitol, but we saw enough to realize what an impressive building it is.

The highlight was seeing some of the plans for the building that weren't accepted. One included a weathervane on top that looked like a giant chicken can you imagine that being on our building?

As we left the building we were able to see people arriving for a rally this afternoon. There were an estimated 50,000 Jewish people holding a rally in support of Israel.

We took time to stop and pray for the country of Israel, as well as our own country. The news reports this is the largest pro-Israel rally to date in U.S. history.

Visiting here has been a highlight for all of us. Seeing all the security around the city and seeing the Pentagon has really made us realize just how much Sept. 11th has and will continue to affect our nation.

Times have changed but God remains the same!

Trusting Him,

The Haynes 5

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