Caucus for Democratic candidates Tuesday


The Democratic party of Moffat County is holding its caucus for the 2002 election Tuesday.

This year the Democratic party is bringing together 9 of the 13 voting precincts in the county into Craig for a single event with both local candidates to speak to the party faithful attending.

Usually the caucus votes are done separately, but this year the vote is being used as a social vehicle for registered Democrats.

"Along with the votes, this will be a social time," Moffat County Democratic Party Chair Tim Christensen said. "We want our people to meet each other.

"The caucus is a grass-roots effort, and an opportunity for a voter to have impact on several levels."

The Tuesday caucus agenda includes: Electing delegates for the county assembly on April 27, selecting election judges, drafting precinct resolutions and select or retain precinct captains. According to Christensen, the precinct resolutions are non-binding statements that each precinct is allowed to add to the local platform of the Democratic party, a kind of "mission statement" on an issue on which a precinct elects to comment.

The two local Democratic candidates for local and state office are scheduled to speak. Terry Carwile is seeking the Colorado District 57 House seat in this fall's election, and Don Kroese is running for Moffat County sheriff.

Letters or representatives for Tom Strickland, running for Colorado senator, and Rolly Heath, who is running for governor, are also expected.

This event is basically an opportunity for some of the 1,912 registered Democrats in Moffat County to meet one another and discuss political issues, Vice Chair Andre Huffmire said.

"The caucus will allow (party members) to get to know other Democrats and talk about the issues their concerned about," she said. "The creation of the platform, talking with the candidates this is where the process really starts, and where a citizen really has a say."

The Democratic caucus will be held Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the Center of Craig.

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