After-prom party offers alternative


For some late night entertainment this Saturday, Moffat County High School juniors and seniors will have an opportunity test their luck at a casino.

No, they're not taking a field trip to Las Vegas, but instead are having Vegas brought to them at the Moffat County Fairgrounds Pavilion.

The parents of Moffat County juniors are hosting the 2002 after-prom party with a casino theme from 12:30 a.m. to 4 a.m. Sunday.

Students can win fake money by playing black jack, Roulette and a variety of different board games and contests.

"With the money that has been donated to us we've created a store where they can use the money they won in the casino to buy what they want," said parent Beth Gilchrist, who is one of the organizers of the event.

Approximately $3,500 worth of merchandise will be available in the store, she said.

Local businesses and organizations in the community donated all of the merchandise in the store.

"In addition to the store, we have a multitude of other prizes to give away," Gilchrist said.

"It's incredible what the people in the community have given us."

Some of the other prizes include:

Gas cards

Gift certificates for local stores

Coupons and certificates for local restaurants.

Grand prizes for the evening include a computer and a DVD player.

In addition to the casino, music will be played and a dance floor will be set up.

At about 3 a.m. breakfast will be served to the students.

Gilchrist explained the reason for hosting an after-prom party.

"These kids spend months getting ready for prom," she said.

"It seems like a lot of preparation for it to be over in three hours. This extends their evening and gives them something to do instead of going to a party."

Providing an alternative activity to drinking is really the focus, she said.

"It keeps students from going out after prom and being on the streets," she said.

"We feel this is a worthwhile activity that allows our young people a safe and fun alternative to the possibility of an evening of drinking and unsafe behavior."

Gilchrist encouraged all MCHS juniors and seniors to attend the after prom party.

"If you are a junior or senior at Moffat County High School you don't have to attend prom to go to after prom," she said. "We want all students to come."

Gilchrist thanked local businesses and organizations for providing more than $5,000 to the post prom activities.

If people have questions about the party or are interested in donating to the event, they can call Gilchrist at work at 824-3289 or at home at


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