Armed with information


When the media report on controversial issues they are often accused of being sensational or hounding a subject so long that it becomes overkill.

Certainly in some cases there could be some truth in those accusations.

But when it comes to chronic wasting disease and how it could impact this area, we at the Craig Daily Press believe that keeping the public armed with sound information to defend itself against potentially harmful rumors is an important obligation.

The beginning of April saw fears realized when it was discovered that chronic wasting disease had some how crossed the barrier that was the Continental Divide.

The disease attacks Rocky Mountain elk, mule deer, white-tailed deer and black-tailed deer and is always fatal.

It has been detected in Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Montana.

But not much is known about the disease, such as how it is transmitted.

The fact that it was widely believed last week that Texas was about to ban meat from Colorado when the truth of the matter is the state was going to prohibit the importation of live white-tail deer from anywhere is proof that the misinformation is out there.

The first day that word that the disease had been discovered in Northwest Colorado, people called the newspaper to tell us they had heard state Division of Wildlife officials would be flying around the county in helicopters shooting any deer on sight whether that deer was on public or private land. But, of course, the helicopters never showed up.

These rumors are why continuous coverage is necessary.

Some have complained that all the "bad press" regarding chronic wasting disease will keep hunters away from the area. To be perfectly blunt, the Craig Daily Press realizes what is bad for local businesses is bad for us.

But we cannot afford to simply bury our heads in the sand while this situation that could have a significant impact upon all of our lives continues.

We will not be sensational.

But we as a community newspaper have a duty to keep our readership as informed as possible.

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