Girls soccer team loses, continues to see improvement


To coach Tom St. Louis a 3-1 loss showed worlds of improvement.

The Moffat County High School girls soccer team lost to the Battle Mountain Huskies 3-1 Saturday at home but improvement was seen everywhere.

The first time the two teams met it went down in the record books as an 8-1 road loss. This time when the teams squared off the Lady 'Dogs gave it their all to keep it close.

"My girls are starting to see they can compete with our league," St. Louis said. "They should be proud of themselves for the effort they've put out and for the improvement they've seen."

The game was within the Lady 'Dogs' grasp early in the second half. Down 2-1, the girls fought a hard mid-field battle only to let one charge through.

A Husky squeaked the ball past the Moffat County keeper, junior Kelly Howl, seven minutes into the second half after a scrum in front of the goal opened a gap to the net.

The Lady 'Dogs defense had remained staunch for the rest of the half and evened the field with physical play.

Physicality was the name of the game on offense as well.

Every time a Husky pushed there was a Lady 'Dog to push back.

"With what I saw today Moffat County has improved a lot since the first time we met," Battle Mountain coach Kate Steffens said.

"We couldn't get ourselves up for the game and they (MCHS) came to play."

The only Lady 'Dogs' goal to be scored in the game came in the middle of the first half when junior Jeni Bamford hit a 22-yard lob shot past the goalie.

While scoring is becoming a staple for the Moffat County girls, defense is where they shine.Howl created a brick wall in front of the net that only let three balls slip by while stopping 29 shots.

The ever-increasing offensive attacks and physical play of the team has St. Louis looking for more than just improvement as the season continues.

"It's bittersweet because I see the girls improving with every game," he said. "But it's hard to lose against a team like Battle Mountain because we know we can beat them."

The Lady 'Dogs will take the field again Tuesday at Class 3A Roaring Forks High School


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