Commissioners to hear from would-be camp owner


At the last Moffat County Board of Commissioners meeting Douglas Weers was granted a conditional use permit with restrictions to host a youth summer camp on his property.

But Weers said after the permit was granted that the constraints the commissioners imposed upon him would not allow him to follow through with his plan.

At a meeting Monday Weers is scheduled to ask the commissioners questions about that permit.

Commissioner Marianna Raftopoulos said she believed Weers had questions regarding the upkeep of the driveway leading to his home.

"He wants a clarification on the amount of gravel he is supposed to put on the drive," she said. "We had stated he was supposed to put eight inches of gravel on the entire easement."

At the conclusion of the March 29 meeting, Weers said he would no longer pursue his plan to host a youth summer camp on his property.

The stipulations included in the permit, he said, made it financially impossible.

The stipulations came as a result of concerns expressed by several neighbors at the meeting.

Neighbors said the camp could lead to trespassing issues, noise and increased traffic on what they said is a poorly kept road.

The stipulations put into the permit said Weers must:

Put eight inches of gravel on the road and help maintain it.

Have no trespassing violations within the first year.

Run the camp for no more than four consecutive weeks in July.

Not exceed 12 campers.

Be considerate to neighbors and keep noise to a minimum.

Weers said he had intended on running a camp with 20 children.

"After all this the camp is not going to run," he said as he left the meeting. "We can't run a camp with 12 kids. They've basically killed our plans."

The cost of maintaining the amount of gravel on the road also has Weers doubtful that he could establish the camp.

"It's going to cost me $10,000 to gravel that road," he said after the meeting.

Weers could not be reached for comment on what he plans to discuss at Monday's meeting.

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