County commission to seek public works director


Instead of five people each owning their own lawnmower and only using it once a week, why not just share one lawnmower?

This is the philosophy behind the hiring of a public works director, said Moffat County Commissioner Les Hampton.

Moffat County recently began advertising for the new position it hopes will help better organize several county agencies.

The person filling the new job will be in charge of and oversee operations of all public works departments.

"It's an opportunity we have to develop a department head position that several entities can fall under," Hampton said. "We think it will give the county improved efficiency."

Departments overseen by the public works director will include the airport, building and grounds, cemetery, fairgrounds, landfill, parks and recreation, pest management, and road and bridge.

The newly created public works director position is not an additional position in county government, Hampton said, but is a result of organizational restructuring.

"Previously we had a road and bridge superintendent, which was a single entity over the road and bridge director," Hampton said. "There has been a vacancy for the position since the departure of Dennis Jones."

Dennis Jones was removed as director of the Moffat County Road and Bridge Department last fall.

Instead of hiring someone to replace Jones as road and bridge director, someone will be hired to oversee all of the agencies, Hampton said.

The county is seeking an individual with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering and approximately 10 years of experience in the field.

According to the job summary, a few essential functions of the job include:

Supervising all operations and activities of all divisions and sections of the department.

Planning long-range goals, objectives, organizational structure and overall direction for the department.

Assisting in formulation of the budget.

Conferring with the Board of County Commissioners to keep them informed on relevant key issues and progress toward objectives and to gain their support and approval.

Moffat County Human Resources Director Tom Skelding helped write the job description for the new position.

The new position will provide taxpayers with a more efficient service, Skelding said.

"It was designed to make better use of the people, equipment and facilities in Moffat County," he said. "It will be more efficient and offer the tax payers better customer service."

Right now the job is being advertised on the Internet job search site The salary for the position will be negotiated with applicants, Skelding said.

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