Senate should endorse Bush's energy plan


Senate should endorse Bush's energy plan
To the Editor:
As countless businesses both large and small found out in California a year ago, an energy crunch can be devastating. Now think of the consequences if the entire country faced an energy shortage.
That's why the U.S. Senate should follow the U.S. House's lead when it returns from its spring recess and pass President Bush's energy plan particularly the part that would authorize exploration for new oil in the remote ANWR region in northern Alaska.
The reality is, America's dependence on foreign oil is growing dramatically.
In the 1970s, this country only imported a third of its oil. Today, almost 60 percent of our oil comes from foreign sources. And about 10 percent of those imports come from Iraq alone.
It only takes a sliver of common sense to recognize that with uncertainty in the Middle East, this country needs the option of producing more energy here at home.
Exploring ANWR makes great sense. ANWR is projected to produce over a million barrels of oil a day about 20 percent of domestic oil supplies. It could replace all of the oil we now import from Iraq for the next 50 years.
And ANWR has another advantage: the 2000 acres needed for oil production (about the size of a regional airport) is in about the most remote and desolate place in the entire country. In fact, even the roads in ANWR will be made of ice. As other areas of oil production in Alaska have demonstrated, this is about the most environmentally safe place in this country to drill for oil.
Businesses, labor unions, Alaskans and the U.S. House of Representatives have all joined the President in calling for exploration in ANWR. Now it's time for the U.S. Senate to get on board.
Everyone should call their Senator at 202-224-3121 and urge them to act now.
Darrell McKigney'
President, Small Business Survival Committee

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